e-Commerce tax

VAT & tax strategies for e-Commerce & Internet retailers

We can assist internet retailers formulate an appropriate tax strategy to gain market share and fulfil customer orders quickly.  Whether you are delivering digital services or physical goods we can help in ensuring “tax bottlenecks” do not occur. For cross-border fulfilment of goods we can advise you so that there are no or minimum hold-ups of goods at borders due to inadequate customs and VAT documentation or to avoid charge-backs so customers do not return orders due to unexpected VAT bills on deliveries. “Low Value Consignment Relief” (LVCR) of under- €22 is available for imports of low value goods from outside the EU (e.g. Switzerland) into almost all EU member states.  In the case of shipments made to the UK, the value should be under £15.  The relief in respect of importations from the Channel Islands to the UK was abolished on 1 April 2012. Although no LVCR is available in respect of shipments from the Channel Islands (e.g. from Jersey or Guernsey) to the UK, the VAT pre-paid scheme is still available for deliveries from the Channel Islands which is a unique facility. VAT can be collected on such items and paid over to HMRC of the UK so that the end-user does not face an unexpected VAT bill when the package is handed over to him. This facility can be useful to retailers who wish to enhance customer experience and avoid charge-backs on credit cards. RKG Consulting can assist your company with advice and execution regarding the following VAT issues relating to internet retail and e-commerce transactions. [dlo_lcp TEXT_OPT=”EXCERPT” NUMBERPOSTS=”99″]