Tax Planning for International Assignments

Our expatriate tax services include:

* tax efficient pay and benefits packages
* International social security planning and advice
* pre-assignment tax planning
* tax planning for internationally mobile employees
* UK personal tax compliance services; e.g. preparation & filing of UK Tax Returns
* UK PAYE/NIC advisory and consultancy services for companies setting up in the UK
* flexible benefits schemes.

Expatriate tax planning involves consideration of key areas such as :

* What are the implications in the host country if contributions continue to be made to the home country pension plan?
* Should you compensate the employee if he/she has to pay more tax as a result of the assignment? If so, how?
* Does the UK have a social security agreement with the host country?
* Does the host country provide a favourable tax regime for expatriates?
* Who should employ the individual during the assignment – secondment or transfer?
* Will double tax treaty relief be available?

We can assist in determining appropriate policies, for example, in the area of tax equalisation, which will enable the employer and employee to focus on core business issues.

The combination of pre-assignment tax planning coupled with the provision of tax compliance services offers you the confidence that assignment costs are being managed efficiently.

We liaise with tax specialists in the overseas countries to identify planning opportunities which will minimise global tax and social security liabilities in relation to international assignments.

We take account of local practice and legislation to plan tax-efficient remuneration strategies that maximise the benefit of local planning opportunities.