Purposes of using a UK company

UK companies can be used for a variety of different business purposes:

– receiving income, dividends, commissions, royalties, etc from UK or overseas sources

– used as legal entities for entering into commercial contracts

– making payments to suppliers or employees in the UK or worldwide

– in international tax planning /tax mitigation (certificates of tax residence)

– as international Holding companies for holding investments in foreign subsidiaries free of income and capital gains tax, subject to conditions

– as UK sales and marketing vehicles, for information gathering or public relations purposes

– to obtain an EU VAT registration to avoid irrecoverable VAT for international trading

– as vehicles to raise trade finance such as invoice factoring or discounting

– as vehicles to raise business loans or funds on the capital markets or for channelling investments into the UK or internationally.

– as “agency” or “nominee” companies to perform administration functions such as invoicing in international trading in goods or services.

– to hold and protect valuable intellectual property and real estate.

This list is not exhaustive and UK companies can be used for many other business functions.

UK companies may be formed within a day,cheaply and with minimum hassle. Only one director and one shareholder is required and these can be the same person. RKG Consulting can assist you to incorporate a UK company, set up a UK bank account and obtain a UK VAT registration number (if required) very quickly indeed.   For further information regarding the benefits of using UK companies read the articles below.