UK-Inward Investment

RKG Consulting specialises in cross-border and UK-inward investment issues, providing advice and compliance services regarding UK and international tax and VAT planning, immigration, accounting and UK company set-up services.


UK Projects

If you need to bring overseas personnel to work in the UK you must set up a UK entity (e.g. company or branch) which must apply for a Sponsor Licence in order to obtain UK work visas for migrant staff. We can help in establishing your UK company, selecting an office, obtaining the necessary immigration licences and visas so that your personnel can start UK projects on time. Thereafter, we can handle all accounting, payroll and tax compliance issues on your behalf.


UK Holding/Agency Company

If you do not need a physical presence in the UK but wish to facilitate the tax-efficient holding of investments in trading subsidiaries or international trading in goods or services in terms of the commercial credibility and wide tax-treaty network that the UK possesses, then setting up structures such as holding company, agency company, royalty routing company, finance company or UK LLP etc could be the solution for you.


Overseas Trust & Corporate Service Providers

Need assistance with UK tax compliance, accounting / reporting, UK bank accounts and registered office services for your clients’ UK structures?  Need a UK company set-up immediately with a VAT registration or even an previously registered UK company say 2, 3 or 5 years old?   Experiencing UK company strike-offs and need to restore companies? We provide prompt and efficient services at reasonable costs.  Why not consider outsourcing your UK requirements to us?


UK Property Investment

We advise overseas investors regarding the tax aspects of investment in high-value UK residential and commercial property including the residential property “enveloping” tax rules.  We can assist in sourcing suitable properties, negotiating the “investment” and “development” deals on your behalf, deal execution along with our partners and setting-up suitable structures for acquisition and on-going maintenance of your property portfolios.


Investing in a UK business?

You wish to invest in a UK company or business say a hotel, retail, tech, financial or manufacturing facility.  Do you buy shares in the company or do you simply buy the assets that you require?  If its a “people” business you may only be interested in acquiring the talented team. How do you make the approach?  What are the legal and regulatory hurdles?  If your target is a publicly quoted company your approach may trigger public disclosures and be counter-productive. How do you structure for tax efficiency?  Government grants, loans, subsidies may be available if the operations are sited in certain areas of the UK or in Enterprise Zones.  You would also like to take advantage of bank loans in order to make the acquisition.  RKG Consulting can assist you in these matters and many more to enable you to achieve your business objectives.


Expatriate Payroll Services

In order to attract inward investment the UK gives special tax breaks to companies with specialist foreign workers who are temporarily assigned to work in the UK.  Your company could attract and retain expat workers by providing a more tax-efficient package by setting-up these legitimate schemes with prior approval from the UK government.

Whether you are a European or non-European group, whether you execute projects in the UK, sell physical goods, provide services or invest in properties, let RKG Consulting be your partner to assist you in achieving your objectives speedily and cost-effectively.