Tier 2 (General) visas: shortage occupation

It is possible to obtain Tier 2 work visas in certain “shortage” occupations in which case it is not required to carry out the resident local workers test.  This saves considerable time and administration and therefore costs.   The UK Border Agency periodically compiles a list of occupations and jobs where resources in the UK are in short supply.  The sponsor has to make a case to recruit the “shortage” overseas worker by applying for a “restricted” certificate of sponsorship (COS) which is granted at the monthly meeting of the Migration Advisory Committee.  As soon as the MAC has granted the desired “restricted” COS,  RKG can process the necessary forms, assign the COS and the applicant can proceed with their entry clearance application at the British Consulate in their home country.

RKG will be pleased to advise employers and sponsors on strategy for recruitment of “shortage” workers, how to structure applications and how to maximise the human resource potential of their businesses in relation to essential migrant workers.  The following is a non-exhaustive list of shortage occupations in selected industries as compiled by UKBA as at 6 April 2015. Please click the tables to enlarge.

Shortage occup 6 April 2015-page-001 Shortage occup 6 April 2015-page-002 Shortage occup 6 April 2015-page-003