Sponsoring overseas workers for UK projects

Obtain UK work visas to start UK projects on time

We can help you to set up a UK company as a subsidiary of the overseas parent company. Alternatively, a branch of the overseas company can be registered in the UK.

1. This UK entity can then apply for a licence to become a “Sponsor” so that overseas personnel (e.g engineers) can obtain visas to come to the UK for work under Tier 2 of the Points Based System.

2. Before the UK office can start trading and “sponsor” visas for overseas workers,there must be at least one person known as the “Authorised Officer” or “Key Contact” present in the UK to oversee the sponsorship process. A local UK resident person can be hired to represent the office. Alternatively, a senior employee can be transferred from overseas under a Sole Representative visa to open and represent the UK office and to get the Sponsorship licence process under way. RKG Consulting, being an OISC authorised firm, is allowed to be appointed as a “Level 1 User” under the PBS system. This means we can assist your UK office to not only apply for the initial Sponsorship Licence but also to apply for Certificates of Sponsorship for overseas workers so that they can obtain “entry clearance” at the local British Consulates or Embassies in their countries of residence.

3. We can apply and obtain the Certificates of Sponsorship on behalf of your UK office and also complete the necessary forms for entry clearance that the overseas workers must navigate before they can present their applications to the local British Consulate. Once the workers arrive in the UK they must join the UK office’s payroll and their salaries must be subject to UK tax / NI obligations.

RKG Consulting can provide an end-to-end solution if your group wishes to bring personnel to work in the UK by:

– Forming your UK company or branch office.

– Helping you to apply for a Sponsorship licence.

– Taking care of the visa process every time you wish to bring personnel to work in the UK.

– Running the UK payroll so that these workers can be remunerated.

We provide a broad range of payroll and HR consulting services including structuring expatriate compensation packages in a tax-efficient manner. Please contact us for more details.