Sponsor Licence for UK work visas

RKG Consulting can arrange for an employer in the UK to obtain a Sponsor Licence quickly and smoothly so that they can readily employ a skilled worker migrant. The UK Border Agency requires all their boxes to be ticked in terms of the submitting a full and comprehensive application package which meets all the objectives and functions of sponsorship as per stated guidelines.  RKG Consulting has an impressive track record of assisting both existing UK-based employers as well as overseas-based groups in obtaining their licences so that migrants can be employed.

If a business group employs staff abroad (e.g. software consultants or engineers) who meet the ICT criteria then the quickest way to bring experienced overseas staff to work on UK projects or clients’ sites here is the Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) route.  For this purpose your UK branch or subsidiary company will require a Sponsor Licence under the ICT category. Once the UK office is a registered ICT Sponsor, consultants who are employed by your group overseas can be transferred to the UK provided they have been with your group for a minimum length of time.  Currently this period is 12 months.   There are also minimum salary requirements.

If your business does not have offices or staff abroad or you need to make new hires or switches of staff from another sponsor then the appropriate route is the “Skilled Worker” route.  This means applying for a “Defined COS” (certificate of sponsorship) after the licence has been awarded.    The process is more complicated than the ICT process and takes a bit longer.  However, the local resident workers test is waived if the job falls under a “shortage” occupation such as automobile product design engineers currently.  More information is available under the links below.

It takes a minimum of 6 weeks to 8 weeks or sometimes longer to obtain a Sponsor Licence.  Once a Sponsor Licence is obtained, Certificates of Sponsorship (COS) can be assigned under the ICT or the Skilled Worker routes as appropriate.  The migrants can then proceed for Entry Clearance stamps at the British Consulates abroad.

RKG Consulting has assisted several global companies to obtain Sponsor Licences and we act for all of them as their Representatives and Level 1 Users which is necessary to assign the COS in order to obtain entry clearance visas.   Please contact us if your require more information about this process.

RKG Consulting cannot assist individuals to obtain sponsorship with UK firms.  Our sponsorship licence services are geared towards employers only.