Sports, entertainment, media tax

If you are a sports, entertainment or media personality we appreciate the pressures you face being under the public spotlight a lot of the time.  You need to juggle various aspects of your professional career, a hectic touring schedule with the need to spend quality time with family and friends.  RKG Consulting, Chartered Tax Advisers, can assist you in freeing-up some of your time by ensuring that your taxation and accountancy needs are taken care of promptly and efficiently.  Whether its dealing with withholding tax issues on royalty income from rights, management of your operating company, advice on tax-efficient extraction of wealth in terms of salary and dividend or regulatory compliance, we can be counted on to deliver what you ask of us. Our services for the sporting, music film, TV, entertainment and media sector include the following:

  • Managing with-holding tax (WHT) issues on royalty income by ensuring licensing structures are set-up tax efficiently to minimise WHT by using the UK’s wide double tax treaty network to maximum advantage.
  • Ensuring “image” and other rights and “intellectual property” are owned and established in the most appropriate jurisdictions in terms of protection, enforcement, monitoring and optimal taxation.
  • Advice on how to extract wealth from operating and contractual vehicles tax-efficiently.
  • Working with our partners in the wealth management industry to ensure your hard-earned wealth is invested profitably and above all remains safe, avoiding risky ideas and investments that have featured in the press recently.
  • Preparing and filing your income tax returns.
  • Administration and management of your company including preparation of accounts, payroll, VAT returns and all necessary statutory and legal compliance.
  • Dealing with correspondence and enquiries from HM Revenue and Customs and other tax authorities to ensure all your tax affairs are kept right up to date and you do not face unexpected tax bills.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our services for the sports, entertainment and media sector.  Please email: or call 020 7839 0389.  We look forward to hearing from you. [dlo_lcp TEXT_OPT=”EXCERPT” NUMBERPOSTS=”99″]