RKG Consulting’s services are geared towards businesses and high-net worth individuals.   If you are seeking to establish a business in the UK we can assist you by incorporating a company or other suitable UK legal entity, providing a registered office and other facilities, thus enabling you to start trading immediately.  If you are an individual and seeking to invest in UK properties or businesses we can assist with the acquisition and on-going administration of your investments.   If you are a non-UK resident seeking UK Investor visas for yourself and your family or work visas for overseas staff we can provide suitable immigration solutions.

RKG Consulting can assist in the following common scenarios and many more:

  • An India or USA-based IT services group wishes to set-up a UK office to service client projects here. This will involve seconding overseas software engineers or consultants on work visas to work at client sites in the UK. How can this be achieved quickly and cost-effectively?……… Read more.
  • An Amazon FBA Seller has goods located at various warehouses across Europe and customer orders will be shipped from there. The Seller needs to be VAT-registered in each of those jurisdictions ..Read more.
  • An individual is considering investing in residential properties in the UK for letting out. Does he/she use a company as a vehicle to purchase the properties? What are the stamp duty, income tax, capital gains and inheritance tax implications of their proposals? Read more
  • An overseas corporate services or law firm has clients with UK interests such as properties or companies. UK tax returns and compliance need to be brought up to date. Alternatively, the UK company, holding significant assets, has been struck-off and needs to be re-instated. In another scenario advice is required on tax structuring for an imminent UK transaction. We can help in all of these situations.. Read more
  • An individual is considering sale of his trading business. He wants to extract surplus cash and other assets tax-efficiently prior to sale so that Entrepreneur’s Relief and Business Property Relief are not restricted. Moreover, he would like to invest surplus cash in properties and other investments tax-efficiently. We can assist in obtaining the necessary HMRC tax clearances…….. read more.
  • A Russia-based businessman wants to acquire UK citizenship and move his family here. However, he has a business to run overseas and cannot spend most of his time in the UK. Therefore, work related visas are no good for him. We can provide the right solution for him under an Investor visa….