Non-resident companies: Non-holiday letting rental income

Most non-holiday letting income will consist of rents received under a tenancy, from leasing or licensing agreements over land and property.  This will cover income from furnished, unfurnished, domestic or commercial accommodation. 

Receipts other than rents are also taxable and these may include:

  • rent charges, ground rents and feu duties.
  • income arising from granting of sporting rights.
  • income from letting others tip waste on the land.
  • income from allowing films to be shot on the land.
  • grants received from local authorities to repair properties.
  • receipts from any Enterprise Zone Trusts relating to the land or property.

The above list is not comprehensive and there are many other sources of rental income.  The rules for computing the income are complex.  RKG Consulting will be pleased to advise on how to structure income from land and property in the most tax-efficient manner