Registering for PAYE

You will most likely need to register as an employer once you take someone on.  You need to check first that at least one of the following conditions applies to you. If any of the following apply, then you need to register:

  • the employee already has another job
  • they are receiving a state or occupational pension
  • you’re paying them at or above the PAYE threshold
  • you’re paying them at or above the National Insurance Lower Earnings Limit
  • you’re providing them with employee benefits

If you need to register you can do so up to four weeks in advance of your first pay day.

You might need to register as an employer even if you’re the only person working in your business. If you run a one-person limited company, you’ll be both an employer and an employee. So if any of the conditions above apply to you as an employee you’ll need to register.

RKG Consulting can provide further advice as to whether you need to register for PAYE and we will be pleased to contact HMRC on your behalf and speedily obtain PAYE registration for your business so that you can start paying your staff in accordance with the law.