Outsourcing: Fund accounting

Fund Accounting & Administration


Our fund accounting and administrative services include:

Fund Accounting

  • Calculation of the Net Asset Value (NAV) including the calculation of the funds income and expense accruals
  • Preparation of semi-annual and annual accounts
  • Maintenance of the funds financial books and records
  • Payment of the funds expenses
  • Calculation and payment of dividends and distributions (if required)
  • All back up documents underlying the books and records and the staff that maintain them.
  • Supervision of the orderly liquidation and dissolution of the fund (if required)
  • Provision of client customised P&L and portfolio reports including trader sector and strategy bifurcation.
  • Tax accounting services including income characterization, wash sale reporting and utilisation of aggregate and layering allocation methodologies.
  • Co-ordination with external auditors for annual audit and regulatory reporting.

 Fund Administration

 Process investor subscriptions
 and redemptions
 Review investor eligibility
 (ie Qualified Purchaser and hot issues status )
 Review compliance with EU
 and Patriot Act anti-money laundering provisions
 Maintain investor register
 and files
 Communicate with investors
 Publish and/or furnish NAV as
 Distribute financial, tax and
 other pertinent reports to investors
 fund formation and organization


For further information regarding fund accounting and administration services, please contact us.