Outsourcing: legal outsourcing

Legal outsourcing

 We have experience in legal transcription, forensic work and legal research amongst other areas.  We offer an extensive range of services for lawyers, legal publishers and other businesses associated with the legal profession. 

Some of the tasks and services that can be outsourced in the legal arena include the following.

  • indexing and scanning documents,
  • word processing,
  • legal transcription,
  • coding,
  • converting physical data into electronic form,
  • digital dictation,
  • reviewing transactional and litigation documents,
  • drafting contracts,
  • research memoranda and due diligence reports,
  • prosecuting patents,
  • surveying laws of various jurisdictions,


We also offer the following research-based legal outsourcing services: 

  • Research on all aspects of US/UK/EU law with respect to establishing subsidiaries/branches in the US/ UK/EU. This research involved determining the optimal state of incorporation given the client’s business plans, corporate law, tax law and certain regulatory issues.
  • Research and compliance regarding corporate governance, Sarbannes Oxley and “best practices”.
  • Research on various questions regarding garnishment laws different US states and federal garnishment laws.
  • Review of purchase order terms and conditions for clients.
  • Preparing memorandum examining strengths and weaknesses, financial position, funding sources and product offerings of software companies engaged in the logistics arena.
  • Draft research memoranda, law surveys and comparisons of the laws of various jurisdictions with respect to EU/ US Federal and state case law, statutory law and regulations.
  • We collect, organize, review data and prepare due diligence reports pursuant to a due diligence investigation, including M&A due diligence and due diligence related to SEC filings and financings.
  • Drafting research memoranda regarding certain EU and foreign legal issues.
  • Reviewing documents for transactions and litigation and prepare appropriate reports.
  • Information on current and potential competitors, acquisition targets or adversaries in current or threatened litigation.
  • Research on business trends like offshore outsourcing.


Benefits of legal outsourcing


Benefits such as cost savings and shorter turn-around times will accrue to all parties offshoring legal work in the following manner:

  • Legal publishers who look abroad will lower their cost of producing publications, raising their profitability and increasing their ability to compete against less nimble publishers.
    • Subscribers to legal publications (e.g lawyers)  will benefit in terms of lower subscription fees.


  • Low-margin legal services will begin moving to low-cost providers offshore boosting the law firms’ profits and enabling them to compete better and to focus on higher-margin work locally.


For further information and details regarding our very wide range of legal services please contact us.