Accounting & tax services for EU expansion

If you are a non-EU (e.g North American, Asian, Middle Eastern or Australian) group looking to expand in Europe and any of the following applies to you then you may be interested in reading further.

Your business scenario

  • You want to supply goods and services to or instalment equipment for customers in different European countries and would like to know the corporate income tax and VAT implications of doing business in Europe?
  • Currently you import goods or equipment into Europe and are facing delays at Customs or the VAT situation is unclear?
  • You are thinking of setting up entities in several European countries but are unsure of whether to set up branch offices or separate legal entities such as limited companies?  You would like to know more of the tax implications.
  • You would like to outsource the accounting, VAT return preparation, payroll and other accounting aspects of your current or intended European operations to a supplier rather than incur much higher costs in recruiting your own staff in various countries.

Here is how we can help

  • We can advise you of the correct tax structures for both direct and indirect tax purposes that would suit your circumstances.
  • We can take care of the accounting and tax compliance such as preparation and filing of annual accounts, running the staff payroll and dealing with VAT returns.
  • All you need on the ground in each European country are your sales representatives who will market your products and services to local customers.  We can take care of all the paperwork including billings to your customers, collections, credit control, payment of suppliers and salary payments to your sales people.
  • We can provide monthly or quarterly management reports to you keeping you informed of how your European operations are performing.
  • We are proficient in running accounting software that lets you obtain reports on each of your local country’s operations separately but can also consolidate the results of all your European operations on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
  • We can also provide reports based on job-based or contract accounting.
  • We can liaise on your behalf with the government authorities in various countries.

Types of companies that might require outsourced European accounting & tax services

  • Renewable energy companies supplying and installing high value equipment in Europe such as solar panels or wind turbines.
  • Computer and IT hardware equipment suppliers.
  •  Companies supplying both goods (the equipment) as well as the necessary technical services in installing the equipment.  Tax issues such as VAT-ability of goods v the services element can arise.  Also direct tax issues may arise such as withholding taxes on royalty payments on licences granted to European customers, tax treatment of fees for technical services and other such issues.
  • Computer & IT services companies providing software consulting services in Europe via a combination of “onsite” and “offshore” consultancy.
  • Companies supplying and distributing consumer products throughout Europe either directly or via distributors.
  • Internet retailers selling products and services via the Internet which are “downloadable” by European consumers.  There is a VAT calculation and reporting obligation in Europe for suppliers of “digital” products and services.
  • Financial services companies selling financial products and services in Europe.

RKG Consulting can provide an efficient service at an affordable price.  Why pay astronomical hourly rates and still obtain a very impersonal service when so much knowledge is available to tap into?