Project / Transaction Finance: Letters of Credit

If you wish to finance a project or transaction in your country then RKG Consulting can assist by way of introduction to a UK bank.

For example, you wish to purchase some merchandise or fund a project.  You approach a local bank (the Issuing bank) in your country to issue an Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit in favour of a UK bank (the Advising bank).  We will introduce you to a suitable UK bank.  The Issuing bank will perform due diligence on your company and, if satisfied with its credit-worthiness, may issue such an LC in favour of the UK bank.

The UK bank may require you incorporate a UK company.  We can assist in incorporating and maintaining such a company.  The UK bank may then grant a facility to your UK company based on the LC issued to it by the Issuing bank. The UK bank must, of course, be satisfied by the standing of the Issuing bank which issues the LC.  The UK company can then pay your supplier or engage in the project.

For further details of how to initiate Letters of Credit transactions please contact us.