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The Dust Factory Boxes are a wholesale mixed offering of mens and womens vintage clothing sold by the box. I bought the wholesale 10 piece college sweatshirts and they were all great. We do not guarantee that every garment will be 15 years or older unless the category specifies “vintage” in the title, as in our “vintage graphic t-shirts” and “vintage graphic sweatshirt” categories. Through decades of shipping with these two carriers, we have established some of the best rates in the industry, especially while shipping overseas. The simple answer to that is: “its mostly donated clothing.” Most of it originally comes from the larger donation companies like Goodwill and Salvation Army while a smaller percentage comes from private donation companies and charities. Really great selection of jumpers!! Vintage Crewneck Sweatshirts by the bundle-TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE (Click for Details) Quickview. We have light weights for that soft comfortable feel all the way up to 12 oz. Loved the selection of Pro sports and Harley shirts! Styles: Men & Women Sizing Available | Hooded and Crew Neck, Please Note that the photo is only a sample of the type of items we use for our Mix. When ordering wholesale, please visit each category's product page for a full description and example pictures of what to expect in the mix. BLOW-OUT SALE!! With years of networking we have built up a superior infrastructure to source the very best in vintage clothing. Buy Vintage Clothing Online. We supply UK & International vintage retailers of any size! Some came in better quality than others but most were able to be restored back to a nice condition - will purchase again. We really loved the sweatshirts. Browse our line of wholesale crewneck sweatshirts at prices starting below $5 each. SAVE 20% OFF EVERYTHING NOW THRU 12/31!! Item # 102 From order to on my door in 6 days (US to Aus btw). From Fruit of the Loom to Gildan, Anvil to American Apparel, we work hard to obtain the best brands on the activewear market. Australia Retailer of Quality, Hand Picked Vintage Clothing, including brands from Nike, Harley Davidson, Champion, Adidas & more. Vintage Sweatshirts by the Bundle. Buy wholesale hoodies sweatshirts for women at factory price Dear-Lover offer cheap women's sweatshirts & hoodies wholesale from $5.6. Home / Shop / Recycled + Vintage Clothing / Vintage Sweatshirts / Vintage College Sweatshirts. Our company is called Thrift Vintage Fashion for a specific reason, we specialize in offering a wide variety of secondhand clothing geared towards a “vintage fashionable look”. 02/20/20. Definitely ready to make another order!!! Loved the stock! Variety of Sizes S-XL Buy sweatshirts from each category in mixed sizes S-XL. Total: 10,930 items, Available: 3,263,973 Pieces Sign in Best sellers in my shop! If I had any downside it was there wasn’t a heap of variety in size, mostly XXL or XL, but is easy to overlook when the quality is this good! Just like our grade quality, we take great pride in the selection of our clothing. Champion mix is okay. Thanks heaps from NZ, Even tho recently was average. Any flaw that I really didn’t like I could easily cover up (tie dye or acid wash). Importing and exporting vintage clothing every single week. SYED VINTAGE wholesale vintage clothing. Best Sellers. Very good quality definetely would buy again and again. Vintage … The box includes a mix of items such as X5 Branded/Pro Sports Print T-Shirts, X5 Branded Sweatshirts or Hoodies, X5 Branded Jeans/Track Pants. Eras: 70’s – 90’s Can’t wait to wear some myself!! We deal in all varieties of vintage garments and can also sell by weight or by the piece. Absolutely loved the products I received ! We’re proud to offer our premium vintage … Super reliable in that sense. Thanks, This was a beaut of a piece, there were definitely a few stunners in this box; will buy from again, however slightly dissapointed in the quality of some of the pro sport sweats :), Good sweatshirts!! In the rare event items are ordered before showing sold out, there may be a slight waiting period of a few days. Overall great. The champion sweatshirt pack is awesome. $24.99 Bluebox Mystery Purse. Still love your guys work ethic and gear. Some really cool vintage pieces. Quick View. *The image is only demonstrative. Absolutely shook by the amazing styles! Small flaws were on most of the items but that’s a given with vintage. Break out of your boring denim jacket outfits box with these ten fresh styling ideas. The more you buy, the more you save! Fast, free USA shipping on orders $50+ Shop Sweatshirts & Hoodies vintage apparel at affordable prices with amazing discounts from True Vintage online store. For more information on how we put together our 12 packs please FOLLOW US, Tags: Mens Vintage Clothing, Recycled Clothing, street wear, Women's Vintage Clothing. Love the Orlando Magic and Packers in particular. Shop from hundreds of independent brands and vintage boutiques from around the world. Even though it has the big stains. Both services take 3-5 business days to arrive and in many cases come even sooner! The more you buy, the more you save! Vintage bros wholesale are based in South Kirby, West Yorkshire. Subscribe to be the first to hear about our exclusive offers and latest arrivals. Wholesale pricing and bulk orders. Got some awesome sweaters. Bulk pricing on all orders with no minimum order size. I usually bleach tie dye and crop a lot of them to add to the vintage vibes. Some really great products, overall good quality and just what we were looking for. :). Got some really wicked sweatershirts in the Disney Collection! You will also save more on shipping with the larger bundles, especially when shipping international. Expect to work on a few of the pieces. College sweaters were particularly great. Showing all 37 results. Free UK shipping on orders over £50. Buy wholesale sweatshirts online today from Cottonprint. We aim to provide the widest selection of hoodies & sweatshirts available online. Hoodies and sweatshirts are must-haves in any clothing collection. Got some good stuff but 50% of the jerseys have paint marks or other stains. No order minimums! Ugly (cute) Christmas Sweatshirts … 2,255 high quality vintage sweatshirts products from 751 vintage sweatshirts trustworthy suppliers on Alibaba.com. Each bundle follows a specific ratio of original vintage and retro style clothing which vary based on the category. Amazing pieces as always - never surprised with how easily the stuff we get sells! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The vintage sweatshirts have lived through years of college football games, camps, rallies and more. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Cheers guys, Some great gems - wish the sizes weren’t mostly 2XL though. The UK's leading branded vintage wholesale company. Love your products! We process tonnes of vintage clothing and wholesale a unique vintage product for our high street, fashion boutique and vintage store customers. Stoked as, will be purchasing again :)), Loved the 10 pack college sweatshirts! We strive to keep all prices competitive too, without compromising on quality. Discover the latest collection of vintage sweatshirts for men at ASOS Marketplace. Many items are 20-30 years old making it nearly impossible to offer a perfect product free of any blemishes. I’m struggling to part with them to sell because they are so rare to find in Australia haha, addicted! Shop now! The sweatshirts were a hit at our local market here in the Gold Coast Australia. If you are a well established retailer and looking for better wholesale pricing, we recommend ordering from the wholesale bundles page where the more you buy, the more you save. Got a great range of sweaters and jumpers, really enjoyed this first delivery and will definitely be purchasing from here again. We can cater to every requirement from a 20kg box to a 40ft container. So many goodies in there with minimal stains :). We absolutely love all the items, We have started our own small little business and will definitely order from you guys again!!! Find bulk sweatshirts in various styles & color, with retail & wholesale accounts and shipping offers starting at only $3.95! Shop blank wholesale sweatshirts at ShirtSpace! wholesale vintage clothing. I ordered a bundle of 10 sweatshirts and they were all amazing but i love especially this one ! vertical and wrap -- top Comfort Colors C1596 Ladies' 10 oz. 12 Pack of Vintage Sweatshirts. $1.79 Tees | Weekly Sale Here>> $1.79 Tees/Weekly Sale> Menu. Thank you again! We would like to take the time to introduce ourselves to the Vintage … We update our website inventory daily to minimize delays or back orders. They became poplar in the 60’s as traditional athletic wear at the time. Grades: University, Destination, Branded Sport & Branded Street wear Branded Sweatshirts. Looking for wholesale vintage sweatshirts wholesale? Almost all of these sweatshirts are originally made for men but also very popular with the ladies today. $49.99 Restocks Friday @ 6PM EST Wholesale Bulk Lego Box. most items had little to no stains, a couple we gave some love and are super happy with the quality. Over 500 vintage sweatshirts in stock, starting at $16.99. Garment-Dyed Wide-Band Fleece Crew Handpick appointments available, online mail order also available. Mickey Mouse / Disney /Looney Tunes mix by the pound (Click for Details) Quickview. With that being said, we do pride ourselves on sending out consistent quality mixes for all orders big and small. Order fill and shipping is amazingly fast. Copyright 1999-2017 Dust Factory Vintage. Will be back to purchase other categories. Some really good sweatshirts and amazing quality! The Vintage Variety Box - 25 items This box is ideal for new sellers who are just starting out and are looking to order a lower amount of pieces to set up their own Depop, Ebay or ASOS Marketplace store. … And fast deliver to Australia. Exceptional for daily wear, our wholesale hoodies are made of a cotton-polyester blend that’s soft on your skin and retains body heat. Some of our items are from specific dates. We caution all buyers that this is used clothing and we do not manufacturer the product. We offer free shipping in the UK on orders above £50 GBP. In order to maintain the highest integrity in our mixes we do not allow any handpicking or purchasing of “premium” items from any categories. Contact Us, I loved almost all the sweatshirts that were given to me and I already made another purchase for another bundle:). If there is a significant waiting period on items in your order, you will be notified via email with an ETA and offer to switch items out for another category. 908-216-3344 Fabric: Poly/cotton Delivery times is unreal! Got a really good range of some real quality sweaters! All Rights Reserved. Our most popular Wholesale Vintage Sweatshirt categories in packs of 10, 25, 50 USA Vintage Wholesaler, shipping worldwide! If you choose not to wait we can always issue a full refund. We employ highly trained clothing graders in our warehouse who pull items from each category a random basis. Will buy from again! While most categories contain anywhere from 60-90% vintage, the Rock and Harley tees include very few if any vintage pieces from the 80s/90s, most will be repros or from the 2000s. These donation companies usually keep a small percentage of the clothing they receive to sell retail in their own thrift stores while selling off the vast majority of it to rag dealers who then resell the mixed used clothing by the container to different countries all over the world. Variation is sizes & design!! The vintage sweatshirt comes as a hoody pullover, a regular pullover, with and without the traditional zipper and more. I always get great stuff from you guys!! Great selection of jumpers, very happy will buy again! Sweaters were amazing. In the 1970’s athletic companies like Nike and Adidas began marketing them to the average consumer. Was happy with the shipment majority was in good condition overall, will be ordering more soon. Since we do not allow any handpicking in our operation, we are able to offer 100% original bundles to all of our customers. This is the first time we've been left a little bit disappointed - most of the stock seemed grade B at best. Decent variety some slightly stained though but most were in good condition! We are a UK based used wholesale company specialising in supplying the very best used clothing from around the globe to a variety of online clothing stores. Our vintage boxes consist of both men’s and women’s recycled or reused clothing from the 60’s through the early 2000’s. This is the traditional way we wholesale our clothing where you receive a variety of sizes between S-XXL, most sizes falling in the M-XL range. I have already ordered another box @renegaderoad, Plenty of gems! It would’ve been so hard to find these items anywhere else!! For U.S. orders we typically use UPS and for international orders we use Fedex. Get great deals on Vintage Sweatshirts for Men when you shop for athletic clothes at eBay.com. Buy vintage clothing & accessories on our brand new online shop - Glass Onion - The Brand New Second Hand $44.99 Restocks Friday @ 6PM EST Scrap Gold Box. Quick View. Order came super fast and was high quality! Favourite piece out of the lot I guess! Really liked almost all the pieces and seemed to be for a good price. On larger bundles you can save between $1-$3 per item. This is how we have operated since day one and will continue to work this way in fairness to all customers big and small. USA Vintage Wholesaler, Shipping Worldwide! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Our most popular Sweatshirt categories in packs of 10, 25, 50, ***See each category's product page for more details on what to expect in the wholesale mix. Sweatshirts were in great shape and arrived super quickly. 4th Order with Thrift Vintage and I keep being more & more impressed!!! Mint is the UK’s only wholesaler of unbroken bales of vintage clothing (of between 45 and 450kg), supplied from our premises in Essex (CM6 1RT). Especially the Ralph Lauren one (not pictured) but all were great quality. College sweatshirts, sports sweashirts, & more! Buy wholesale vintage clothing by the category in bundles of 10, 25 and 50 pieces. Definitely will be buying from you guys again! Name-brand sweatshirts, hoodies, fleece and more. Layer up with a vintage women's sweatshirt: including college hoodies, vintage brand sweaters, nostalgic souvenir sweatshirts and old school sports logos. Quickview. We did get this little gem though. Another great order! Specialising in a wide range of vintage, we can meet the needs of any vintage customer. Can’t wait for next order to arrive. This one was a favourite, Some very good sweatshirts in this bundle, it arrived quickly just need bigger sizes, Loved the jumpers I got. With long sleeves, a hood, and a pouch in front, these blank hoodies are perfect for running chores, warming up before exercising, or curling up with a good book. 4 small 4 medium 4 large Each pack is original and one of a kind, no two packs are alike. These popular items offer the perfect amount of coziness and style to keep you warm and comfortable at all times. 1/9. I got pro-sports and college style sweatshirts and I love them all! Tommy/Ralph Sweaters - 45KG Bale. We carry many styles including poly cotton blends, ringspun, performance polyester, and garment dyed. Still a nice piece!! Again lots of stains and B-grade items but certainly overall happy with everything we received, cheers. Vintage Women's Nike; Vintage … The UK's Leading Branded Vintage Wholesaler.