UK Branch registration

In order to register a branch office in the UK the following is required (copied on A4 size paper AND certified by a Notary Public as “true copies”.  Companies House, UK will reject any documents which are not on A4 white paper and clearly legible. If any documents contain shaded areas, please photocopy repeatedly until the dark areas become light.  Do not bind the documents, but you can have one staple to hold the papers):

  1. Completed form BR 1 with a filing fee.
  2. Memorandum & Articles (Constitution) of Indian company duly certified by a notary public
  3. Certified copy of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation in India.
  4. Copy of the latest audited accounts of the company.

The above particulars must be lodged at Companies House within 30 days of the opening of the branch.

We require the following information in order to complete form BR1:

About the overseas company

  • The corporate name of the company & the trading name if different
  • Its registration number and address of the register
  • Whether public or private company
  • List of directors and secretaries (giving their FULL names (initials will NOT suffice), any former names, residential address, nationality, occupation, particulars of ALL other directorships and dates of birth)
  • Law under which it is incorporated e.g Companies Act 1956 (No1 of 1956).
  • Address of its principal place of business in India, its objects clause and its issued share capital
  • Its Indian accounting reference date, and the time allowed under Indian law for preparation and public disclosure of accounts.


About the Branch

  • The address of the branch and date it was opened
  • Description of the business carried on by it
  • The name in which the branch will carry out its business, if different from the name of the Indian company
  • The name and address of all persons resident in Great Britain authorised to accept service on behalf of that branch
  • The name and usual residential address of all persons authorised to represent the company as permanent representatives for the business of the branch