Tier 2 (ICT & General): visa extensions

Documents required (we cannot apply without ALL the following):

  1. ALL Current & previous passports of applicant and all dependents
  2. Two photos of applicant and each dependent & PBS Dependent form(s) fully completed.
  3. Original certificate of award of degree and original transcript / marks sheets.
  4. Letter from Sponsor (ICT) addressed to UK Border Agency they will accommodate & maintain the applicant during their first month in UK and 3 months original bank statements.
  5. Copy of signed contract with your client where person will be working.
  6. Copy of present work permit/certificate of sponsorship.
  7. Declaration on Tier2 application form signed by applicant.
  8. Last 3 months payslips required as proof of income.
  9. Last 3 months bank statements showing at least £800 balance on each & every day.
  10. Details of Resident Labour Market test in case of non-ICT applications (see Appendix).