Tier 2 Sponsor licence – documents required

Sponsor Licence application:  documents required

RKG will arrange the following where we have incorporated your company (otherwise please provide):

  1. The UK company incorporation or UK branch registration certificate
  2. Corporate tax, VAT & payroll registrations.


You have to provide to us:

  1. Employers’ liability insurance certificate:   The minimum cover is £10m  (it comes as standard).  Please note it has to be EMPLOYERS’ LIABILITY COVER  not Public Liability or general office although you can buy a combined policy including Employer’s Liability.
  2. UK Office lease:  Licence agreement for 12 months from a office space supplier.  Please ensure you take a physical room or a desk space & not merely a virtual office.
  3. Bank :  you need to open a corporate account in name of the UK company or  branch & retain the bank statements.   Also we will require a letter from the bank manager stating that the UK entity has operated the account satisfactorily.  This letter must be addressed to the UK company  itself not to the UKBA.
  4. Link with Indian HQ:  We need a legal document from India showing there is a legal link between the Indian parent company / HQ & the UK subsidiary or branch.  The evidence can be in the form of accounts of the Indian parent showing the subsidiary/branch as an investment, share certificates,  board resolutions of the Indian company minuting the opening of the UK office or other acceptable legal document with the original stamp of a Notary Public.
  5. Authorised Officer/Key Contact details: full name of UK resident person who will be AO/KC with the address of your office where he will be based, his date of birth, National Insurance number, work tel, mobile, fax, email, company website ID and his work permit ref no if he is currently on a UK work permit.  If you do not already have such a UK resident person then you will need to transfer a senior employee from overseas to UK on a “Sole Representative” visa which we can arrange.  Please refer to the list of documents required to obtain a Sole Rep visa for the Authorised Officer who can also take on a marketing role.