IT companies: establishing UK marketing office

If you are an overseas IT company wishing to develop business in the UK it is essential that you set up a UK office.  A local office will enable you to be “near” your clients and potential prospects.  A UK presence will also indicate to the market that you are serious about business in the UK and will enable you to react more quickly to the requirements and demands of your clients.

A UK branch or subsidiary of the Indian company are the most common forms of establishing an office.  A branch is not a separate legal entity whereas a subsidiary is and your choice will depend on various factors including legal, tax and financial issues.  You may need to take advice from your Indian CA regarding exchange control, tax, revenue re-patriation and other issues in India in relation to opening an overseas office.  If the Indian parent company is a member of STPI, SEEPZ or other export promotion facilities then these organisations may have to be consulted as also your bank and Authorised Foreign Exchange dealer.

RKG Consulting will be pleased to assist you with registering a UK branch or incorporation of a subsidiary.  A subsidiary is a limited company similar to the Private (Pvt.) limited company of India.  A subsidiary requires just one director and one shareholder but its registered office must be in the UK.  The director or shareholder need not be resident in the UK.

RKG Consulting can provide the registered office for the branch or subsidiary and we can have the UK ROC registration formalities completed within a matter of days.