UK work visas & immigration

RKG Consulting offers a wide range of UK  “business” immigration services covering both “work” visas under the Tier 2 Skilled Workers category as well as “Investor” and “Entrepreneur” visas under the Tier 1 category available to high net worth individuals. RKG Consulting is licensed by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner to provide immigration advice and services.

Tier 1 visas for high net worth individuals

High net worth individuals may apply to come to the UK under the Tier 1 “Investor” and “Entrepreneur” categories:

  •  Investor visas: If individuals invest £2m, £5m or £10m in loans to or equity shares in UK “trading” companies or in government bonds, they can immediately obtain visas to come to reside in the UK with their dependants and in 5 years, 3 years or 2 years time respectively (depending on the level of their investment) they can obtain permanent residence in the UK (indefinite leave to remain) and a year thereafter British citizenship.
  • Entrepreneur visas: In this case the individual must invest £200,000 in a UK business and must take an “active” role in running the business as opposed to a “passive” investment role in the case of the Investor visa.


Tier 2 “work” visas for UK employers to bring skilled migrants from outside the EEA to work in the UK

  • Sponsor licence applications under T2 “General” & “ICT” categories for UK employers wishing to employ migrant workers.
  • Tier2 Certificates of Sponsorship: for inter-company transfers, extensions, change of employment, switching from another category (general). The  UK employer must obtain a Sponsor licence first in order to be able to “assign” certificates of sponsorship.
  • Sponsor Management System (SMS) compliance, right to work in the UK advice and attendance at UK Border Agency compliance audits.
  • Acting as “representative” and “Level 1 User” to assign certificates of sponsorship and keep the SMS in good standing.

Other immigration services

  • Indefinite leave to remain visas for those who are coming to the end of their legal stay in the UK in the Tier1, Tier 2 etc categories.
  • British citizenship and passport applications.
  • Settlement visas for spouses (on marriage), dependents, children and other family arrangements or for domestic workers.
  • UK visas for EU “family members”
  • Tier 1 “Investor” visas for those ultimately requiring a British passport.

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