He has a Masters degree in Law with First Class Honours from the University of Auckland, specialising in climate and human rights law. We have challenged governments and corporations and have helped shape the law to protect the Planet. Nikita is part of the strategic defence team of Greenpeace Internationals Legal Unit. After leaving the executive roles at Greenpeace, Marcelo began to volunteer at Greenpeace, first as the Board Chair and trustee of Greenpeace Mexico in 2015 and therefore at Greenpeace Andino as a Board Member & Chair. Similar to the Swiss case, this lawsuit aims to align Frances climate laws and policies with the Paris Agreement, at a minimum. She also has experience in EU competition law. The Bill also has the potential to affect other charitable organisations, particularly given the increasing efforts on the part of many governments to keep information (that should be in the public sphere) secret. This declaration was a condensation of a number of ecological manifestos Bob Hunter had written over the years. The lawsuit is the first example of ordinary people in Taiwan using the power of strategic litigation to hold the government accountable for its climate inaction. Unearthed is able to take on big, risky stories that require time and resources many mainstream media outlets dont have but that need to be told. In doing so, it held that The basic principle is that organisations such as Greenpeace are in principle free to take action and to make their views publicly known. However, it held that Norways government has no power to prevent GHG emissions from oil and gas produced in Norway but burned abroad. We live in a democracy right? For example, in 2016 Greenpeace Netherlands leaked the draft text of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Currently she is involved with her local Transition group in New Mills, north Derbyshire, England. In the UK, our political unit works with people across the political and policy arena in Westminster and across Britain. Above all, we act to provoke action from those with the power and responsibility to make change happen. It handed down its judgment in a 11-4 ruling against the co-plaintiffs at the end of 2020. Political Power Theories Pluralism o Classical Pluralism - power is derived from competing interest groups o Neo-pluralism - some interest groups have more power on certain issues Elite Theory o The wealthy and powerful control society o "Iron Law of Oligarchy" - the formation of the elite is inevitable in any society, regardless of government type Social . In April 2020, one of these corporate plaintiffs the logging giant Resolute Forest Products was ordered to pay almost $1million to the Greenpeace defendants targeted in these attacks, in one of the highest monetary figures ever awarded under Californias anti-SLAPP statute. Bonizella Biagini, Ambuj Sagar, in Encyclopedia of Energy, 2004. She joined Greenpeace International in February 2018 and has been supporting the food and forest campaigns, as well as advising on freedom of expression and media-law related issues. We advocate for fundamental rights including freedom of expression, access to information and the right to peaceful protest. The difference in opinions being the timing, with the dissent finding that a later assessment of these climate impacts would be insufficient according to the law. In addition to the Performance cookies mentioned above, we may also place in your browser cookies from third-party services (e.g. Greenpeace, Nestl and the Palm Oil Controversy: Social Media Orangutans were protected by legislation that prohibited their being owned, ,captured, or killed. Formally, a lobbyist is someone who represents the interest organization . That court dismissed the case in December 2018 on the grounds that senior women were not more likely than other citizens to experience harmful effects of climate change despite their increased incidence of death during heat waves. He finished his Masters degree in public management (MPM) from the Lee Kuan Yew School of PublicPolicy at the National University of Singapore (NUS). For the associated 501(c)(3), see Greenpeace Fund (nonprofit) Greenpeace is one of the most internationally recognized environmentalist organizations. The Commission is expected to deliver its final report in 2021. Switching to electric vehicles will not only provide us with cleaner air, it will slash carbon emissions which cause climate change. General Fund Louise leads Greenpeaces climate justice and liability strategies. The Mexican Center for Environmental Law (CEMDA) and Greenpeace Mexico have successfully challenged new federal decrees that limited the participation of renewable energy companies in the domestic market. In 2008, Cour de Cassation, Frances highest court, held in favour of Greenpeace France in declaring that the logo parody fell within the legitimate right of freedom of expression. High-level international organisational and campaign issues are agreed on at a number of annual international meetings. Ayesha Imam is a rights and sustainable development activist and consultant. Most definitions specify that interest group indicates any formal association of individuals or organizations that attempt to influence government decision-making and/or the making of public policy. This phenomenon has been identified in the context of conditional influence of alternative frames around politically polarizing issues such as gun regulation and homosexuality in the United States (Haider-Markel & Joslyn, 2001, 2013) or the effect of elite polarization on public opinion (Druckman et al., 2013), and mirrors what Rein and Schn . On 3 February 2021, in a landmark decision, the Paris Administrative Court held the French state liable for its failure to meet its own greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. Ordinary people around the world can act to confront those in positions of . 702 H Street, NW, STE 300, Washington, D.C. 20001 | 1-800-722-6995. Greenpeace was founded in 1971 in British Columbia to oppose U.S. nuclear testing at Amchitka Island in Alaska. Michelle advises on the development and implementation of legal strategies to hold governments and corporations accountable for climate change and biodiversity loss, as well as human rights implications. The case was argued before all instances in Norway. Pressure groups in United Kingdom. Back in 2011 three out of four fish stocks in Europe were overfished and in deep crisis. Here you can find our current annual report and financial statements. It is a major victory against anti-renewable measures and helps secure the human right to affordable and accessible clean energy. Before joining Oil Change International, David led WWF-New Zealands climate programme, coordinating the civil society coalition supporting youth organisation Generation Zeros campaign for the countrys Zero Carbon Act, which became law in 2019. Work with Greenpeace, other relevant NGOs, and industry to promote greater water management in China and beyond through the use and further enhancement of Find him on Twitter @ryschlee. https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlie-holt-6bb204b1/, https://linkedin.com/in/richard-harvey-1b788557, https://linkedin.com/in/daniel-simons-296a131, Disability-Inclusive Climate Action Research Program, https://de.linkedin.com/in/louise-fournier, https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaseyvalente/, https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikita-kekana/. Through the Action 24 Active citizens for responsive legislatures project she served as the KwaZulu-Natal province lead from 2017-2020. Covance Huntingdon Jobs, In addition to their case, they are now lobbying for human-rights-compliant 2030 and 2050 targets. Work to pass legislation that A group becomes an interest group when a . The Greenpeace Research Laboratories form part of the Science Unit of Greenpeace International. A one-page summary of the bill is availablehere. Photograph: Salvatore Di Nolfi/AP In legal terms this is huge. She has worked with and for a range of organisations including womens rights and other Civil Society Organisations, as well as official aid and UN agencies on womens rights, gender-sensitive research and programming, democracy, sustainable development and organisational support and training. The "Greenpeace Declaration of Interdependence" was published by Greenpeace in the Greenpeace Chronicles (Winter 1976-77). A passionate environmental campaigner, Von has initiated and led a number of local and national campaigns, which led to the approval of landmark laws in the Philippines like the Ecological Waste Management Act and the Clean Air Act. He is a barrister (England & Wales, 1971) and also practised at the New York Bar (1982-2000) and served as lead counsel at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (2007-2014). Facebook or Google) to track the effectiveness of our online marketing strategies and to deliver adverts more relevant to you and your interests. It has an estimated 2.8 million members . The International Board reports annually to Council during the AGM. These cookies are used to recognise you between successive visits and thus provide you with a better experience, storing your consent preferences and the last Greenpeace.org website visited. Ordinary people around the world can act to confront those in positions of power with their responsibility for stopping global environmental destruction. The legislation was found wanting by a government-commissioned review led by Lord Hodgson. Greenpeace Sep 2006 - Dec 2009 3 . Greenpeace Fund, Inc seeks to support the work of Greenpeace, Inc. [2] Since 1970, NEPA has required federal agencies to go through a review process and identify the environmental, economic, social, and health impacts of new infrastructure . 1300 Eye Street, NW, STE 1100 East, Washington, D.C. 20005 | 1-800-722-6995. The Global Leadership Team consists of normally seven NRO Executive Directors, selected by the International Executive Director to advise on a wide range of high level strategic issues, such as strategic development of the global network, major programme resources, global standards and evaluations and global programme coordination. Key responsibilities of the Council include: These issues are annually debated and voted on by the Trustees at the AGM. Greenpeace was formed between 1969-1972 in Canada initially as a nuclear war protest movement and made famous by their anti-whaling industry campaigns. It is the guarantor of the integrity of the organisation and ensures adherence to internationally accepted good governance and financial management standards. The Conservative peer criticised the Lobbying Act for failing to distinguish between activities in support of In many cases, its the only law that gives frontline communities a chance to weigh in on federal projects that could impact their health and safety. The petition was filed after super typhoon Haiyan wreaked havoc in the Philippines in 2013 and is grounded in research linking a large share of global climate pollution to a small number of coal, oil, and gas and cement producers, known as the Carbon Majors. No new licences have yet been awarded under the 14 th Round, but when they are, any exploration or production projects subsequently brought forward will be subject to the requirements of the new legislation. Instead, he and his Republican colleagues are hellbent on rolling back environmental health protections like the National Environmental Policy Act, putting communities of color at even greater risk in the COVID-19 crisis. lisa armstrong telegraph age,