Entering Europe for business

Non-EU businesses will have different reasons for wanting to enter Europe for business.  Some organisations will want to acquire a European business or set-up their own operations in Europe from scratch.  Some organisations will not require such a definite long term presence but may merely want to come to service EU customers under existing or new commercial contracts.  Some will engage with EU businesses (B2B) whereas others will wish to market their products to EU consumers (B2C).

Non-EU organisations will require help and advice regarding the following issues:

1. Establishing the correct tax, corporate and legal structure suitable for the type of business they wish to conduct in Europe.

2.  Funding or financing options available in terms of internal /external finance or debt / equity structure or other capital structure.

3.  Compliance with any regulatory requirements or licensing regimes that may exist. 

4.  Compliance with competition, takeover, M&A or other laws or rules that may exist.

5.  Operating & logistics structure: distribution, marketing, manufacturing, servicing / support, supply-and-install, processing or other type of operating business unit that needs to be set-up.

6.  Availability of skilled human resources, levels of employee income and social security taxes, labour and employment laws.

RKG Consulting will be pleased to assist with factors such as the above (the list is not intended to be comprehensive).