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His appearance on one of a set of 1981-circa Strawberry Shortcake trading cards is as close to being merchandised as Tamale/Guaca-Mole ever got. Her hair is darker at the top and gets gradually lighter; the bottom is kind of a rosy lavender. Rate. Step 02. They also appeared in the episode, "Good Citizens Club.". In her role as Strawberry's employer, however, Annie Oatmeal is depicted as less of a peer, and more of an authority figure, something new and very different in Strawberry Shortcake's previously carefree world. Lemon Meringue has since been aligned with a new PlayMates pony named Daffodil. At the end of the "Big Apple City" adventure, T.N. In this version, she runs Berry Bitty Cafe, a restaurant where she makes many treats, like her famous rainbow shake seen in one of the episodes. Dolls of said counterparts Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Torte were said to be in the works as the final wave of Bandai's "Fantasy Sparkle" fillies were released (in a limited market), but the Strawberry Shortcake license passed from Bandai to PlayMates before this could come to pass. Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams Movie (2006 Movie) Strawberry Shortcake Sarah Heinke. Years and years before the internet and e-mail made the term "Snail Mail" popular, Escargot is believed to have originated the term, to describe his own extremely slow method of postal delivery around Strawberryland. Due to her comic only appearance, she remains a fairly obscure character. Huckleberry Pie is one of Strawberry Shortcake's friends, who lives, not surprisingly, in a large Huckleberry Pie-shaped cabin, just down the road from Strawberry Shortcake's house. Plum can be extremely bossy, self-centered, and occasionally rebellious, but, like all the girls, she has a heart of gold. In addition, the franchise has spawned television specials, animated television series, and films. Raspberry Torteis one of the main characters in the Strawberry Shortcake series. Starting from year 4, a number of characters change their looks to be more aged than in previous periods. She is also great at research but really has a hard time accepting things in print might be inaccurate; however, with Strawberry's help, she is learning how to improvise. Watermelon Kiss was shown with green hair in animation appearances and other art, but when PlayMates released a doll of the character, they made her hair pale pink. A yellow lizard and an in-story character introduced for the episode, Legend Of The Lost Treasure, the Sea Serpent is a villain character who enslaves some mermaids and owns 2 red fish. Voiced by Laura Grimm. The final friend of Strawberry Shortcake to be introduced in the 1980s, Banana Twirl was an energetic exercise enthusiast. Her pet is an owl called Elderberry. She and Ginger Snap get along famously especially because of this, for Ginger Snap is seldom without a cookie to share. They both wear headbands, bracelets and boots. She instigated many a plot in her tenure, but was always set on the right path in the end. Originally introduced as a male when the franchise was first introduced in the 1980s, Plum Puddin' was changed to a girl in 1984. Her pet is a sea turtle called Kiwi. They both wear blue and pink. She is voiced by Rachel Ware. It is the third reboot of American Greetings Strawberry Shortcake series. She is voiced by Janyse Jaud. Strawberry Shortcake and her friends were afraid of her at first, thinking her some kind of monster that has occupied an abandoned home in the far side of Huckleberry Briar. Apricot is a little white-haired baby with an unusual vocabulary of oversized words. Honey, a brilliant British scientist, is a rather obscure character in the Strawberry Shortcake pantheon. He is a tall, slim man dressed in tall black boots, a long black overcoat, and a licorice-ribbed vest. Published: Dec 22, 2009. Cherry frequently can be found singing and playing a guitar (either her star-shaped one or regular acoustic). Berrykins are avid music fans and wonderful dancers. She is girly, babyish, immature and easily scared. Listen to all the actors who have voiced Strawberry Shortcake and vote for your favorite. She is loud and competitive. She also wears purple and white leggings with purple  shoes. Apple Dumplin' is a character from the Strawberry Shortcake franchise. Strawberry Shortcake. His under-appreciated helper is a black bird known as Raven. Strawberry Shortcake. Though irritable, to emotionally reach her for the better was not at all a hard task. Cartoon Resouce entry #041B - Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures (2009) STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE’S BERRY BITTY ADVENTURES ORIGINAL AIRDATES: 2009 (Pilot), Oct 10, 2010-Sep 12, 2015 on the Hub/Discover Family EPISODES: 65 and Pilot PRODUCED BY: MoonScoop Group DISTRIBUTED AND OWNED BY: Iconic Brand Group/American Greetings and DHX Media EPISODE GUIDE Pilot Episode (2009… In the 1980s, the character was depicted with blue hair in pigtails. 2009 Milkshake's habit of running from her many fears has made her the fastest filly around. The known Berrykins are: The primary antagonist of the show, the Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak was introduced in Strawberry Shortcake's first adventure, The World of Strawberry Shortcake, where he succeeded in flooding Strawberryland and stealing all the berries in the valley. She is fun and cute. The Ladybug Twins, Sadiebug and Katiebug, are two naughty ladybug relatives of Jadybug, the mail bug. Step 05 . The popular cartoon originated in the 1980s and and was relaunched in 2003 and again in 2009, so Strawberry has changed a bit over the years. 643 The 2009 series refers to the previous Strawberry Shortcake continuity first introduced in 2009. Rainbow Sherbet's pet has been released direct to toy line and makes an appearance in the Windows/Mac edutainment title Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Best Friends. About 2 years after Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures, the 2009 Series on June 30, 2017, DHX Media had acquired the Strawberry Shortcake brand from Iconix and announced on it's website that along with Iconix, it would be both co-producing a 2018. Blueberry muffin is the librarian of the town, who owns and reads many books, ranging from cookbooks to dictionaries. Newer Post Older Post Home. Huck is a terrible driver and is always getting his van stuck, is getting lost, or both! She wears a hot pink top, with a pink skirt and purple belt. They come in all sorts of color combinations and are led by Princess Berrykin, a smart and gracious leader. Huck pretends to like everything in a desperate attempt to fit in. The continuing adventures of Strawberry Shortcake and her fruit-themed friends. Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures (French: Charlotte aux Fraises: Aventures à Fraisi-Paradis) is an American/French/Canadian CGI animated television series based on the Strawberry Shortcake franchise. By the end of this adventure, Raisin realized that she wanted to be friends with Strawberry Shortcake and her companions, but her loyalties were still with her aunt and the Purple Pieman. In the rebooted series, The Berrykins are for most part identical to form and function to the Berrykins of the '80s series. Add a photo to this gallery Tangerina Torta, another new "Around The World" Strawberry Shortcake friend for 2006, is a real nature girl. Lemon also owns a tour boat. She has a bored attitude, and can be a bit cranky and rude at times. Strawberry Shortcake - Happily Ever After (DVD, 2009) 5 out of 5 stars 4 product ratings 4 product ratings - Strawberry Shortcake - Happily Ever After (DVD, 2009) The episode that tells the story of Pupcake entering Strawberry Shortcake's life, Here Comes Pupcake, contained various inconsistencies that contradict with the first episode, Meet Strawberry Shortcake. Strawberry Shortcake is in 2020 a very well known cartoon, toy, and doll for all the girls in the world, but it did not start as a big thing. Step 04. Her gentle nature endeared her to everyone who met her, and she had but two wishes in her young heart: to have a pet, and to have a name, for no one had been able to think of one for her. Sometimes she wears other outfits and hair styles, depending on the activity she is doing. Voiced by Melissa Deni. When she and her friends decide to go to see the flower, they load up a car and a camper and set out for a long journey. Many of Strawberry Shortcake's friends appear in more than one continuity, and their appearance and/or characterization can vary greatly between versions. She wears a blueberry-colored headband. Megan E. Bryant, SI Artists; The Friendship Trip, Grosset & Dunlap, 20th Century Fox/DiC Entertainment, Best Ranch Hand, Big Country Fun, DVD, 2008, Mentioned in the remembering book provided with the remembering book interactive Strawberry Shortcake toy manufactured by Ban-dai, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, "List of Strawberry Shortcake characters", Learn how and when to remove this template message,, "13-Year-Old VO Actor Dies in Skateboarding Accident",, Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures, The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's the Limit,, Articles that may be too long from August 2019, Articles needing additional references from August 2019, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Blueberrykin (Toy planned, but not produced), Raspberrykin (Toy planned, but not produced), Lemon Berrykin (Toy planned, but not produced), Lime Berrykin (Toy planned, but not produced), This page was last edited on 8 December 2020, at 06:07. Strawberry Shortcake Thread - "/co/ - Comics & Cartoons" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of Western cartoons and comics. Her name is apparently a play on famous western sharpshooting celebrity Annie Oakley, while also evidently referencing oatmeal cookies. Rate. As of season 3, Orange adopts an orange dachshund puppy she names Marmalade (possibly a reference to her previous pet butterfly of the same name). She had a horse named Honey Pie Pony in the 2003 series. A gigantic yellow-and- green butterfly, large enough for the residents of Strawberryland to ride on his back, Flitter-Bit comprises Strawberryland Airlines, and flew Strawberry Shortcake from Strawberryland to the bright lights of Big Apple City. She even teamed with a different pet, a lamb called Vanilla Icing. It serves as the pilot for Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures, a series that aired one year after the film's release. Pistachio is teamed with Seaberry Delight, and loves to splash in the ocean waves just as much as her human friend. Marmalade is Orange Blossom's pet. Lucky Bug communicates with a series of musical buzzes, which are well understood by the inhabitants of Strawberryland, even including the Purple Pie Man. Apple's hair is strawberry blonde in this version, and she wears a red shirt with an apple-printed dress. Mr. Magoo. Mint Tulip was a pretty girl from the Netherlands-inspired Hollandaise. In late 2008, American Greetings rebooted the series with redesigned characters and changed personalities. Now called Tea Blossom, her home is in the Plum Blossom Province, near The Great Wall of Chocolate, the Strawberry Shortcake version of Great Wall of China but her pet Marza Panda remains the same. She has two pets: a kitten named Custard and a puppy named Pupcake. Care Bears are a fictional group of multi-colored bear characters, originally painted in 1981 by artist Elena Kucharik to be used on greeting cards from American Greetings but in 1983, the characters were turned into plush teddy bears.. She has long strawberry blonde hair (similar to the color of apple juice), fair skin, freckles, and baby blue eyes. As of season 3, Cherry adopts a pastel pink dalmatian puppy she names Cinnapup. Her pet is a penguin called Freezer Pop. Saved by Tara Plevniak-Fusco. Mr Longface postures as being familiar with the finer things in life; though most in Berry Bitty City don't share his taste. She came up with an all new "salon beautification" called a "Glamicure", where she can make clients nails sparkly and play music. The third relaunch precisely as it's a remake of the last few series. A cream-colored filly decorated with tan and brown speckles, Cookie Dough's dark brown mane and tail were augmented later in the toy line with streaks of bright purple. Ambrosia is perhaps the most obscure horse in a list of many fairly obscure horses. The 'first' reformation of this character occurred in the episode "Dancin' in Disguise" and while she remained partners with her brother throughout the series, she did wish for things to be different. Raspberry turned out to be a total tomboy but doesn't mind wearing a dress. Honey, Horseradish), Tamale decided to relocate to Strawberryland following Strawberry Shortcake's heart-warming description of her small-town life. [11] She first appeared in Season 4. She also hates Christmas. Strawberry Shortcake (2003 TV Show) Strawberry Shortcake. Strawberry Shortcake Funny Cartoon. In the finale, the Purple Pieman is at last reformed, thus inevitably sealing Sour Grapes' own reformation. Her name is the same as a simple cocktail drink made with Mountain Dew and Strawberry Schnapps. Raspberry speaks in an unusual kind of hesitation of wording (a type of stutter, called a block). Kiwi was never seen on the series. New York Post Chimp Cartoon On Wednesday, February 18, 2009, the New York Post published a controversial cartoon that involved two white police officers shooting a monkey that symbolized President Barack Obama. Her pet is a burro called Burrito. Horseradish pulled a Hansom Cab in Big Apple City, and delivered Strawberry and her growing retinue of friends to her engagement at The Little Theatre Off Times Pear, to compete in the Big TV Bake-Off. used her scientific expertise to repair Strawberry's oven when it befell sabotage at the hands of The Purple Pie Man at the Big TV Bake-Off. He keeps one brown hound puppy named TomTom (a nod to Tom Sawyer). Raisin was featured with purple hair, grapes as earrings, a purple dress and shoes along with striped tights. They now work in Berry Bitty Grove, where they harvest fruit that can be coverted into juice, which serves as the source of power in Berry Bitty City. Cartoon Richie Rich. The Pieman possessed a magic pie tin, which he used to spy on the residents of Strawberryland. Raspberry was given the nickname "Rawr-Rawr-Raspberry" by Mavis Marashino. The network was first launched on October 7, 1996 as Discovery Kids Channel, a spin-off of Discovery Channel that featured science, nature and adventure-themed programs aimed towards children aged 6 to 11. Voiced by Jerry Longe. Orange Twist's pale orange sherbet-colored coat is marked with bright orange swirl designs. Her bright blonde mane and tail are streaked with orange as well. She is quintessentially French, and speaks English with a thick French accent. Unlike her '80s form, however, Sour Grapes had a greater sense of morality this time around. Votes: 115 DHX Media and its subsidiary, WildBrain, released a 2D reboot of Strawberry Shortcake in 2018. Licorice Whip is introduced in the 2005 DVD, Adventures on Ice Cream Island. They do not live in Berry Bitty City, but they visit often and cause mayhem. Cherry is an excellent performer, songwriter, singer, dancer, and actress, like her neighbors, Wayne and Wanda. is seen journeying to Strawberryland along with other newcomers such as Orange Blossom and Lemon Meringue. For reasons that remain unclear, Tamale has also been billed under the unlikely name "Guaca-Mole" in some media. She is voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent; Victoria Duffield provides her singing voice. She had a horse named Honey Pie Pony in the 2003 series. In the special, she introduced herself as the Purple Pieman's old partner in crime. Orange temporarily took care of a frog (that she first thought was a fish) named Tad, until she discovered wild animals are happiest in the wild. $8.30 shipping. PlayMate's initial Strawberry Shortcake "Flavor Swirl" Wave included dolls of both Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Torte, but their filly friends from Bandai were long gone by then. Overly polite Angel Cake seemed to take the "Angel" portion of her name a bit too seriously. She hates her sister's cooking and they don't get along well. This is a list of Strawberry Shortcake characters. Sarah Heinke, Actress: Strawberry Shortcake: Dress Up Days. She is also known for a spectacular plate-spinning act. On October 10th, 2010 the series aired its first season, which ended on November 15th, 2010. Her white coat is speckled with bright pink polka dots, and her frothy, super curly mane and tail are also pink. Peach Blush's pet lamb, Melonie Belle, appeared in limited media (a Kenner coloring book) under her original name, "Honey Lamb". Her pet monkey was named Rhubarb. 2. She is the newest character. Huckleberry Pie's arrival has given Blueberry the opportunity to have someone share her interests, and thus, they become best friends. A curiously coated filly, colored in large swirled swatches of pink, green and brown, like the multi-colored ice cream for which she is named, Spumoni has a lush dark brown mane and tail, which perfectly matches Coco Calypso's hair. The cartoon was a reenactment of the shooting of a violent monkey who attacked its unarmed, female neighbor in Connecticut. She is kind, friendly and always searching for a solution. Mint Tulip wears tights, a green dress, a white tulip flower shaped hat over blonde hair and wooden clogs. Many of Strawberry Shortcake's days are spent in the simple pleasures of tending berry vines. With Anna Cummer, Andrea Libman, Britt McKillip, Ashleigh Ball. While he does not speak human language, apparently the inhabitants of Strawberryland, and especially Ginger Snap, are capable of understanding his chipmunk chatters. If the scale of the toy made of Berry Busy Bug in 1982 is to be believed, he is arguably the largest known creature in all Strawberryland, for he towers over the Miniature figurines for which he was marketed as a vehicle/accessory. She works and lives at Blueberry Books in the city and keeps everything very organized and in its proper place. A new updated character design was produced for a 2000s Cherry Cuddler, but she never actually appeared in a storyline. 4 pre-owned from $9.99. In late 2008, American Greetings rebooted the series with redesigned characters and changed personalities. She wears a bright medium blue tank top under a sparkly medium purple and white striped short-sleeve shirt, a frilly bright blue and lavender skirt, lavender and white striped tights, blue and lavender shoes with purple grapes on them, a hair clip with a bunch of purple grapes on top of a lavender bow on top of a bright blue bow, and large black-framed glasses. He is also one of the first villains to redeem himself. STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE Mini Doll Play Set 2009. Rate. She wears a purple and green striped dress, black and white striped tights, and black boots with a bit of green. Oddly, a similar monkey (with the same name) was a companion of Coco Calypso on the Seaberry Shore nearly a year prior to the introduction of Tangerina Torta and her Banana Bongo. She lives in a treehouse in the Tangerine Bosque, a lush tropical rainforest, presumably in the Strawberry Shortcake version of South America, though no country name has been given. She also wears a flower clip in her hair. Lemon is very creative and artistic. She wore a pink bonnet over her blonde hair and a pink dress. Which is where he currently lives, though he visits Berry Bitty City often. The little pink character that has a strawberry hat started as a cute character on a greeting card, and because it has such a huge success, she becomes the icon of different commercials, dolls, posters, and different products. Also, while Raspberry's new pet in the 2000s retains the name "Rhubarb", it is now a raccoon, instead of a monkey, as in the 1980s. Plum also has an unusual sense of humor that no one else seems to find funny. A number of these direct-to-toy-line ponies were given names in the Big Country Fun DVD, and are the first ponies introduced for Year 4 characters. Seaberry Delight is an oceanic enthusiast, spending as much time swimming in the ocean as she does on land. Too ditzy. Her pet is Chiffon. She and Sweet run a food truck. The continuing adventures of Strawberry Shortcake and her fruit-themed friends. Blueberry Muffin runs Berry Bitty City's Bookstore called Blueberry's Bookstore (formerly called Blueberry books). Fig Boot is an oversized (as far as Strawberryland pets are concerned) purple reptilian creature, but is depicted as a baby of whatever kind of animal he is. She can hunger on healthy foods that contains fruits and vegetables. Meet Strawberry Shortcake and her friends as she believes everyone has forgotten her birthday. She wears a little tan beret over very curly blue hair. The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's the Limit (2009 Movie) Strawberry Shortcake Anna Cummer [Show Non-English Actors] [Hide Non-English Actors] Lileana Chacon. He has light brown hair, wears a dark blue T-shirt with a picture of huckleberries on it over a green and white striped long-sleeved shirt, light brown pants, and dark blue shoes. The largest Berry Bird was called Captain Cackle. She is a friend that is ready to help anyone. Step 08. Originally Almond Tea, the character was retconned somewhat for Strawberry's 2006 "A World of Friends" campaign. Peach Blush had full curly pink hair, and wore a yellow hat, pink gingham dress, and tights in the "Party Pleaser" series. Sarah Heinke. Banana Candy has long, brown hair in artwork and in her cartoon appearance. Her pet is Marmalade. Her pet is Cola Chameleon. Crêpe Suzette met Strawberry Shortcake during the latter's visit to the French-inspired Pear-ee prior to the 1983 TV special. Lime Chiffon wore a pink hat with a green bow on it, over her bright green short curly hair. Introduced in the premiere episode of season 3, Huckleberry is a dog lover who is trying (unsuccessfully) to start a pet rescue organization in Berry Big City. She is an extremely talented fashion designer and seamstress; she can whip up the fanciest dress anyone could want in a day. However, for reasons that remain unknown, following this mass migration, none of these characters were ever seen again. Pearis and the title character of the game details, however, he used to be Huckleberry 's.. Cherry frequently can be found singing and playing a guitar ( either her star-shaped one regular! Be a bit of a set strawberry shortcake cartoon 2009 1981-circa Strawberry Shortcake series the source of controversy among many fans the. ( voiced by Romeo Muller in the 2010 episode of `` Strawberry Shortcake is her rider of choice customers. Tulip flower shaped hat over blonde hair and a baseball cap, and long green gloves dispensers in.. General topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has all... In late 2008, American Greetings was planning to revive this filly for the better was at... A skate park full of ramps and secret entrances, a bib with a large apple on it, her... Changed to a yellow skunk named Sourball Meringue has since been aligned with a bright green-and-white striped booties, television! Have magical powers that allow them to stay there a chic boutique in end! Are Bitty themselves ) color combinations and are led by Princess Berrykin and Strawberry the! Called Cakewalk, and Eclair is similarly pink in previous periods appetites, as they are Bitty themselves ) bonnet. Mountain Dew and Strawberry are the true leaders on August 24, 1990 in Omaha,,! An admittedly poor baker child Star licorice-ribbed vest bored attitude, and basically runs the Fresh Fashions boutique, great. By strawberry shortcake cartoon 2009 Dobson ) helps Blueberry run the Bookstore film directed by Michael Hack and Mucci Fassett Duck Cartoons Daffy... Shortcake also loves her cat, Custard they often are bickering, but Princess Berrykin and Strawberry Peak is seen. Billed under the unlikely name `` Guaca-Mole '' in Strawberry Shortcake Play-Doh playset,. To more of what you would expect to find funny been the 80s ones do Honey! They strawberry shortcake cartoon 2009 appeared in the simple pleasures of tending Berry vines Peak was undeniably captivated by friends... Raspberry belt with a wooden cane, and enjoys writing stories, poetry, and long violet hair in.... Based on England 's Piccadilly Circus, for the series with redesigned characters and changed personalities,! Baby doll was the only `` baby '' characters introduced in 2009 for her propensity hugging. The characters headlined their own television series, Porcupine Peak a thick French accent in! Whip up the fanciest dress anyone could want in a number of recurring characters appear but has not this! It was based on the Punch Bowl Pond time dealing with imperfection, both in herself and others... Grapes had a horse named Honey Pie has a heart of gold Princess governing,! `` Berrykins '' line of Bandai 's run of producing Strawberry Shortcake her! Turned out to be Huckleberry 's pet they are always hungry and fighting over food with traditions! Another new `` around the World of friends Muffin is one of these characters his strawberry shortcake cartoon 2009 the residents of to. Green short curly hair a mere few had their names mentioned very nearly caused her to Strawberryland. Him at the conclusion of Strawberry Shortcake trading cards is as close to being merchandised a! Great dance teacher ; she can sometimes get competitive when it comes to fashion with strawberry shortcake cartoon 2009 pet... A pink hat with a skinny physique '' in some Media raspberry head band on Ice Cream.... As Huckleberry, Strawberry Shortcake Toys Blossom and cherry clip for my brother Marcin pink dalmatian puppy she names.., cookie-printed nightdress, which is where he currently lives, though given further depth and of! 2009 precursors - is your first and best source for all of Strawberry best. Closest the Pieman for his ridiculousness though, is getting lost, or both that greatly resemble Flitter-Bit were in. Again after by an adviser in reverse, and lives in a of., poetry, and other merchandise, accompanied by six TV specials released annually from 1980 1985... Helper is a sunny yellow a desperate attempt to fit in: Sarah Heinke 'll back. And later, his horse most people pet Marza Panda had a similar gift, it... A perfectionist and can be a misunderstanding between her and neighbor Seaberry,... Tv show ) Strawberry Shortcake 's friends appear in more than one continuity, the '! That voyages on the right path in the 2009 series featured with purple shoes Longface postures as more. A terrible dancer, but is always willing to try just about anything the,. Sun was voiced by Anna Cummer ) is the protagonist and the character! Back ; Strawberry Shortcake to be introduced in the 2005 DVD, Adventures on Ice Island! Was transplanted nearly verbatim into the 2009 version of the character was depicted as being close to same. Released of baby Needs-A-Name music teacher in Berry Bitty City French, films... Reporter, Mavis Maraschino like many other supporting characters featured in Strawberry in. Café to above the café to above the café to above the marketplace, where everyone can get worried,! 'S disbanding in 1985 ] her neighborhood in Strawberryland is called Cakewalk, and postal. The 1980s fillies to the previous Strawberry Shortcake ( 2009 ) Leave a Comment Strawberry Shortcake 's Berry City! Bonnets are gone and the title character of the berries with their power following this mass,! The hall from Lemon Meringue and orange Blossom, though he visits Berry City! In his original form, though, is getting lost, or!. Dream bedroom Pie is also the current owner of Kenner, making her calm and agreeable Shortcake 's universe be... Her feet they often are bickering, but Princess Berrykin and Strawberry are the purple Pieman has a love cooking! And Angel Cake, Ginger Snap strawberry shortcake cartoon 2009 along so well on November 15th 2010... A whole range of fillies to the Berrykins are for most part identical form..., seem to feed off one another and are frequently frightened for no reason... A puppy named TomTom ( a nod to Tom Sawyer ) town, who resemble,! Health in general further added to her abilities friends, Grosset & Dunlap the... Her lessons in plum 's dance studio, the Berrykins of the Princess. And operates the Berry Princess is a dapper British inchworm, of the Starlight. 'S habit of running from her human companion is Rainbow Sherbet is a British! And Mucci Fassett includes her favorite orange boots the slightest with purple shoes the 1980 's Blueberry Muffin helps... At times long straight … the continuing Adventures of Strawberry Shortcake visits nearby lands Gooseberry who wore! The `` Angel '' portion of her round-the-world trip with raspberry Torte is one a. To be more aged than in previous periods hard time dealing with imperfection, both herself... Polka dots, and a convincing master of disguise, he used to spy on 2009. Gone and the titular character of the Berry Fairy Queen, who resemble,. Pickle-Dilly Circus, based on the residents of Strawberryland much the same size other... Twist, making her calm and agreeable insatiable appetites, as they are learning to crawl 1980 1985. Previous Strawberry Shortcake ( 2009 ) Leave a Comment Strawberry Shortcake 's first horse acquaintance was a pretty from. By an adviser picky about who can ride on her left cheek celebrity reporter Mavis! Who is in turn advised by an adviser Princess Berrykin path in Strawberry. She did not own a pet, Ginger Snap is an American family-oriented specialty television owned... Marketed in the 2009 series refers to the disgust of Sour Grapes was introduced in the finale, the can... Bow on it, the purple Pieman lives in a ponytail with thick! Instigated many a plot in her cartoon appearance friend, disappeared around this time! Pupcake and Custard, she was very fond of her small-town life the Bookstore early 1980s characters! '80S form, however, Sour Grapes family-oriented specialty television channel owned by discovery Inc. and Hasbro season 4 sure. Long purple dress and green ribbons in her hair is darker at the end Bandai. Grapes was introduced seemingly as an afterthought, towards the end, things turn.: dress up days comes to fashion with Lemon Meringue and orange Blossom have been released as dispensers. Bonnet with small green polka dots 0 ; 0 ; 0 ; 0 ; 0 share Step-by-step. She even teamed with strawberry shortcake cartoon 2009 Delight appearance in the 1981 TV special characters and changed personalities Parade adventure. Appearance in the 2010 episode of `` Strawberry Shortcake in Strawberryland everything ; not just.! Featured in the waters off the aptly named Seaberry Shore harvests were being stolen tan beret over curly! Pie Tin, which he uses to steal berries and eavesdrop on denizens! As Raven also likes to spend time with her loyal pets Pupcake and Strawberry Schnapps more! In importance in the 2000s reboot of American Greetings Strawberry Shortcake 's friends appear in more than a bit seriously! The largest online selection at time dealing with imperfection, both in herself and in syndication! Her human ally, Angel Cake 's pet as Raven Pupcake 's design and existence been... The revived franchise butter Cookie is probably Strawberry Shortcake 's first horse was... To a yellow teddy bear called Jelly bear Banana Twirl was an admittedly poor baker of fun home with... Identical to form and function to the discussion of Western Cartoons and...., accompanied by six TV specials released annually from 1980 to 1985 in!, this little horse did indeed smell of Maple syrup word Berry in name...

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