Corporate Services firms

If you are an overseas corporate services provider, trust company or other introducer and you run UK structures then your clients could benefit from the tax and VAT advice we can provide.  If you are contemplating a new UK structure for a client or you wish to seek advice regarding an existing structure then RKG Consulting can help.  We have found from experience corporate service providers often have the following queries and issues:

  • What is the best UK “holding” structure for assets and investments?
  • My client wishes to benefit from the “commercial credibility” of  trading internationally via a UK entity and also taking advantage of the UK’s low rate of corporate income tax relative to most other European jurisdictions.  What type of “trading” structure would best suit the client?
  • We hear that UK LLPs are being increasingly used for various purposes.  In what situations is it more beneficial to use a UK LLP than a normal UK limited company?
  • Can you assist in obtaining a “Certificate of Tax Residence in the UK” for our client’s UK company?
  • Our clients require a UK VAT registration on an urgent basis and cannot afford to wait the 4 to 6 weeks it normally takes.  Can you help to get it done quicker?
  • Our overseas clients require bank accounts in the UK on an urgent basis.  Can you help with introductions to UK banks?
  • Can you assist with the ongoing administration, accounting and tax returns in relation to our clients’ portfolio of UK properties?
  • Can you assist with raising mortgage loans to assist our clients’ purchase of UK properties?
  • Can you make introductions to UK sources of funding for private equity investments internationally?
  • Our clients are UK-resident but non-domiciled.  Can you provide them with tax advice and prepare their income tax returns?
  • Our clients are facing enquiries from UK’s tax authority, HMRC.  Can you assist in resolving the tax disputes?
  • Our overseas clients are seeking to acquire UK companies in certain sectors.  Can you assist in the identification, selection and acquisition of potential targets?
  • Our clients are looking to recruit senior personnel in the UK.  Can you assist in the recruitment process?
  • Our overseas clients are looking to set-up a financial services business in the UK.  Can you arrange registration and licensing by the UK Financial Services Authority?

The above list is only a small selection of queries we receive from overseas trust companies and corporate services providers on a regular basis.  If you have any such queries or other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.