UK services for China based businesses

UK services for Chinese companies and individuals

  • Formation and administration of UK companies  (also UK Limited Liability Partnerships, LPs, branches, etc).
  • Provision of UK registered office in Piccadilly Circus in London with mail, fax and email forwarding services, etc.
  • VAT registration so that EU entities owned by China exporters can recover VAT on importation of goods into the EU.
  • Use of UK companies/ tax structures to mitigate global tax burden of Chinese companies as the UK’s effective rate of corporate tax is one of the lowest in the western world and the UK has high commercial credibility worldwide.
  •  UK agency companies for invoicing worldwide (subject to tax on only 1{e68217344b855fcd608ed2c4c41f83644da7cd41ea524fbfa2ad06c632d3255d} overall profits).
  •  Use of  tax planning under the new UK- China Double Tax Agreement effective 2014 a big advantage going forward.
  •  Provision of UK immigration services:  “second” passport, UK work permits and Tier 1 Investor visas for Chinese.
  •  UK bank accounts and Private Client wealth management services through our network of financial institution partners.
  •  Identification, selection and integration of target UK/ EU businesses for acquisition by Chinese investors.
  •  UK Holding company structures to hold China-owned  trading entities free of capital gains tax & exemption of foreign dividends paid to the UK holding company.
  •  UK commercial property identification / acquisitions & tax-efficient structures for real estate and hotel holdings on behalf of Chinese.
  •  UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registrations and regulatory advice for financial businesses, real estate funds, hedge funds and investment funds owned by Chinese.
  •  Mining & natural resources:    identification and acquisition of natural resources assets in Africa via our extensive contacts there and listing services for London AIM and Toronto TSX-V for specialist mining exchanges.
  •  Assistance to Chinese companies seeking joint ventures, technical collaborations & tie-ups UK / EU companies.
  •  Tax disputes resolution regarding EU direct and indirect taxes such as VAT and Customs Duty.
  •  Assistance to high-net worth Chinese individuals in acquiring UK residential real estate, management of “buy-to-let” property portfolios, admissions into UK schools and universities for children.

For further details of our many services please contact Mr Raj Ganguly, Managing Director on +44 207 839 0389 / 4731 or mobile +44 (0)77 66 828 851  or email: