ATA carnets: list of eligible goods

GoodsConditions/additional information
Goods for display or use at an exhibition, fair, meeting or similar events.Goods may not be loaned or used in any way for hire or reward, or be removed from the place of the event. See also paragraph 4.6.
Professional equipment:
I for the press or for sound or television broadcasting (including vehicles specially adapted for those purposes) necessary for representatives of the press or of broadcasting or television organisations visiting the UK in order to transmit or record material for specified programmes.
II Cinematographic equipment necessary for a person visiting the UK in order to make a specified film or films.
III Other professional equipment owned or imported by a person established outside the EC, necessary for the exercise or calling, trade or profession of a person visiting the UK to perform a specified task, except for:
the industrial manufacture or packaging of goods;
exploitation of natural resources (except for hand tools); and
construction, repair or maintenance of buildings, earth moving and like projects (except for hand tools).
Goods must be owned or imported by a person established outside the EC; and be used solely by or under the personal supervision of the person visiting the UK.
Samples solely for the purpose of demonstration – representative of a particular category of goods already produced or which are examples of goods the production of which is contemplated, but not include identical articles brought in by the same individual, or sent to a single consignee in such quantity that, taken as a whole, they no longer constitute samples under ordinary commercial usage.Samples must be owned or imported by a person established outside the EC. They may not be sold or used in any way for hire or reward.
Advertising films with or without sound track, consisting essentially of images showing the nature or operation of products or equipment put up for sale or hire by a person established outside the EC, providing that the films are of a kind suitable for exhibition to prospective customers but not for general exhibition to the public; and are imported in a packet which contains no more than one copy of each film and which does not form part of a larger consignment of films.Films must be owned or imported by a person established outside the EC. They may not be sold or used in any way for hire or reward.
Goods imported for tests, experiments or demonstrations or used to carry out tests, experiments or demonstrations.Goods must not be used for gainful activity.
Printed and developed cinematographic film, positives and other recorded image-bearing media intended for viewing by potential buyers. 
Films, magnetic tapes, magnetised films and other sound or image-bearing media intended for sound tracking, dubbing or reproduction. 
Data carrying media for use in automatic data processing.Sent free of charge.
Articles (including vehicles) which, by their nature, are unsuitable for any for any purpose other than advertising of specific articles or publicity for a specific purpose. 
Replacement means of production made temporarily available free of charge to the importer by or on the initiative of the supplier of similar means of production to be subsequently imported for release into free circulation or of means of production reinstalled after repair.Must be re-exported within 6 months of import.
Goods imported for exclusively for cultural purposes by approved institutions, in reasonably quantities having regard to the purpose of the importation.Goods must be owned by a person established outside the EC and not be used for commercial purposes.
Welfare material for seafarers engaged in international maritime traffic. 
Travellers personal effects reasonably required for personal use during a journey.Effects must be re-exported, at the latest, when the traveller leaves the EC.
Goods for sports purposes for use by travellers in sports contests, demonstrations or training.Goods must be owned by a person established outside the EC.
Tourist publicity material – imported for the purpose of encouraging the public to visit another country, to attend cultural, religious, touristic, sporting or professional meetings or demonstrations held there.Goods must be owned by a person established outside the EC.
Goods for humanitarian purposes including medical, surgical and laboratory equipment and relief consignments.Goods must be owned by a person established outside the EC and be loaned free of charge.
Live animals of any species for:
dressage, training, breeding, shoeing, weighing, veterinary treatment;
imported with a view to purchase;
participation in shows, exhibitions, contests, competitions or demonstrations;
entertainment (circus animals etc);
touring (including pet animals of travellers);
police dogs or horses, detector dogs, guide dogs;
rescue operations;
transhumance or grazing; or
medical purposes eg delivery of snake poison etc.
Animals must be owned by a person established outside the EC.Animals born of animals covered by an ATA carnet are considered to be non-EC animals and subject to import duties. Import duties will not be charged provided the animal is entered to Temporary Importation relief (see Notice 200 Temporary importation);will be exported outside the EC; and no export refund claimed.
Spare parts, accessories and equipment used for repair and maintenance, including overhaul and adjustment of ATA carnet goods.
Contact RKG Consulting for more information on the types of goods and businesses that can benefit from ATA Carnets and those goods that are not eligible for this scheme.