Obtain UK/ EC Certificate of Origin

RKG Consulting can arrange for your organisation to obtain a UK / EC Certificate of Origin for your products via the following process:

1.  You need to incorporate a UK company.  We can do this for you within a day or two.  We can provide the registered office (our address) and services of a Company Secretary.

2. A director of your UK company must then sign a Formal Undertaking under an EC Regulation making a declaration to adhere to the rules of the issuing authority and indemnifying the authority in case of any future claims etc.

3.  We will then complete the C o O application form on your behalf based on information regarding the consignor, consignee, nature, description and quantity of goods, commercial invoices from the manufacturer if made overseas and details of the processing or value-added in the UK.

4. We will visit the UK issuing authority to submit the form, pay the necessary government fees and obtain the required endorsements.

We can manage the entire certification process without the need for you to visit the UK for this purpose.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a UK/EC Certificate of Origin and you wish to obtain further details of the process and our fees.