Business Tax

We can provide a “Business Tax” set-up package for a new company in the UK for a competitive price. This package includes a UK limited company or branch, a VAT registration number to enable you to start UK billing, corporate income tax registration, payroll tax registration to enable employees to be paid in accordance with UK law and a bank account.  We can provide all the business tax registration services you need to start trading immediately.  If you are an established business and you wish to benefit from pro-active business tax advice to achive tax-efficiencies, we can definitely assist you.

Payroll & HR tax services

Payroll tax registration, preparation of monthly payslips for employees, preparation & filing of PAYE/NI monthly giroslip & RTI returns with HMRC, monthly auto-enrolment pension compliance, preparation of End-of-Year tax returns such as P14s and P35 & P60s for staff, preparation of P11Ds benefits & allowances for directors & higher-paid staff, benefits and tax allowance claims counselling, advising on expatriation / repatriation tax aspects, structuring tax-efficient expatriate remuneration packages bearing in mind home country / host country special considerations and requirements, advising regarding employment contracts / dual contracts & arranging Work Permits.

VAT & Customs duty

  • Processing quarterly VAT returns after extracting sales, purchase, petty cash from accounting system, preparing the VAT account required by HMRC, filling in and submitting form VAT100.
  • Processing 13th Directive VAT Refund claims for businesses not established in the European Union in respect of VAT incurred on business expenses.
  • Obtaining VAT Registration number in the UK and also in EU member states.
  • VAT & Customs duty planning & advisory services
  • Performing VAT reviews of your European operations and advising regarding the VAT aspects of billing to EU countries.
  • Assisting and attendance during tax audit from VAT authorities.
  • Advice regarding enhancing your cash flow by VAT planning techniques.
  • Advice regarding the Customs duty aspects of importing goods into the EU.
  • VAT integration within ERP, CRM, supply chain management, etc.
  • Resolving VAT & customs duty disputes with HMRC and other European tax authorities.

UK Corporate income tax services

  • Submitting application and obtaining UK corporate income tax registration number.
  • Preparing & submitting annual self-assessment corporate income tax returns CT600 to HMRC.
  • Assistance in negotiating with HMRC the basis of taxability of a foreign company.
  • Obtaining Tax Residency Certificates (TRC) so that dividends, interest & royalties can be paid from overseas to the UK company without attracting penal rates of withholding tax(WHT).
  • Preparing & submitting the necessary forms so that withholding tax on interest payments to overseas companies can be minimised & all compliance obligations maintained.
  • Resolving disputes with HMRC or other European tax authorities regarding corporate income tax.
  • Making a “treaty non-resident” claim under the “standard tie-breaker” /Fiscal Domicile clauses of the UK’s DTAs on the basis that the place of effective management of a UK company is in Cyprus or certain other jurisdictions to facilitate planning.
  • Separating the “trading” and “property investment” arms of a company in a tax-efficient manner in order to protect CGT Entreprenuer’s Relief (ER) available on trading activities whilst protecting the valuable property interests from “trading risks”.  Can also lead to IHT advantages for shareholders.
  • Tax-efficient extraction of “surplus cash” from a trading company without triggering a taxable distribution for personal tax purposes using a “share for share exchange” followed by a capital reduction de-merger or using the “income share” route.  We can arrange the HMRC “clearance”.
  • Separation of the interests of two or more partners in a trading business in a tax-efficient manner so that each can take their own assets out of the company and go their separate ways.

RKG Consulting can assist business owners in tax planning in a number of other ways.  If you are contemplating transactions affecting your business it is best to take advice in advance.  Even if things have gone wrong we might be able to help to reverse or reduce the tax impact.