Accounting services for trustees & corporate service providers

As a trustee or corporate services provider you might wish to outsource the following accounting & tax services in respect of your clients in the following situations:

  • Offshore company owning UK property: preparation of lettings accounts and form SA700 tax return for a non-UK resident company and filing the same with HMRC.
  • Individuals owning UK property: preparation of lettings accounts and form SA100 with “land and property” pages.
  • Preparation of forms NRL1, NRL2 and NRL3 so that non-resident individuals, companies and trusts can receive rental income free of UK withholding tax.
  • Preparation of forms 50(FS) – “Trust gains and capital payments” so that HMRC can decide whether any tax liability arises in respect of any settlor or beneficiary in connection with a trust.
  • Preparation of trust accounts and form SA900 “Trust and Estate tax return” with any necessary supplementary pages in a situation where the offshore trustees have UK income or payments or distributions are made to beneficiaries.

The above is only a small sample of the accounting and UK tax compliance services we offer to UK or non-UK resident trustees, corporate service providers or solicitors.