About us

RKG Consulting is a UK professional services firm providing tax, accounting and immigration services for private and corporate clients. RKG was established in London in 1985 and operates from its offices near Piccadilly Circus in central London.  We are members of the Chartered Institute of Tax, UK and are also licensed by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner to provide UK immigration advice and services.

We specialise in assisting clients to open UK companies, start UK projects or to acquire assets such as property and to protect their investments thereafter. The following are just a few examples of how we can help you:

You are an overseas company and you wish to set up sales and marketing offices in the UK or to bring staff from overseas to work on UK projects. We can set up a UK subsidiary or branch and obtain the necessary immigration licences on your behalf so you can legitimately bring foreign workers on visas to work in the UK.

You are a private investor and wish to invest in UK assets such as real estate. We can source deals for you, assist in setting up a suitable structure which is tax-efficient and thereafter maintain and manage your property portfolio.

You wish to use a UK company for international trading because of the commercial credibility and business benefits that the UK has to offer. We can set-up and maintain your UK company, handle the invoicing, accounting and compliance issues and even help you in raising invoice finance to assist your cash flow.

If you are an online retailer of goods or services we can advise on suitable tax structures and VAT planning to increase your competitive edge so that you gain marketshare.

RKG’s staff have the experience and specialist knowledge in the UK and international tax and immigration area to help you in achieving your business objectives.