Jan 30, 2010 #3 P From anabolic steroids to HGH, to peptides, insulin, and supplements, I've done it at some point in my life and I can relate. Yep, dozens of posts covering both sides of it's possible/it's not possible, he's a liar/he's not a liar mostly from people who have no idea what anyone else uses. PCT options include SERMs and aromatase inhibitors to block estrogen. Did 0.5 E3D(still a tad more, would have done 0.25 if I had the pill cutter I have now) and it worked great. . Ive been pinning 2x a week 250mg Test-E for 4.5 weeks. The only real difference between cypionate and enanthate is that the former is said to break down and assimilate at a slower rate, giving it a longer half-life. You will likely have more issues controlling your E2 from the 500mg of test per week unless you don't aromatise much Personally, I would do 12 weeks @ 500mg + var @ 60-80mg/day if you have the money for it but you would have to start now if you're on week 8 and you want to reap real var benefits. I feel fine, and my pre cycle bloods showed my E2 was in range. The only time you would use less, for example, a testosterone cypionate 200mg dose, would be when youre stacking it with other anabolic compounds such as Winstrol and Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Couch potato fat asses care that Tom Brady doesn't eat tomatoes because they believe they cause inflammation. AR's ORIGINAL ANABOLIC OUTLAW~ [RIP-8/20/11], Educate B4 You Medicate~HOF~RIP Our Brother~. Did 500mg Test C split over 250 twice per week as well here. Not really lol, I feel abit tired, slightly oily and my nuts are defo hanging higher. For a test cycle, 12 weeks is about perfect. Testosterone dose-response relationships in healthy young men | American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism. Starting to wonder because I am lucky enough to =know my levels if I should Kick it up a notch and actually give my body a full 500mg EW of additional test. Quite the opposite, even natural I got accused of not being natty lol. Test shortage:icon_roll I don't even use this HG one mL stuff. Age? The standard testosterone cypionate dosage for beginners is 400 to 500 mg for a 12-week cycle. JavaScript is disabled. It's tried and tested. I cruise with 250mg test-e/350mg masteron or proviron per week. You'd think that pharmacies would have a pretty good idea of how much to stock based on how many open prescriptions they have on hand. DIM blocks the effects of testosterone. On the flip side, the androgenic effects in men result in hair loss (from too much DHT) and organ inflammation. Just drop the UGL test in the box, maybe after transferring to a sterile vial, but maybe not. mnben87 May 7, 2021, 9:22pm #2 It does depend a bit on how often you are pinning, when you are testing in relation to pinning, carrier oil, and individual differences, etc. They were also taking a drug to completely suppress them (I mention this because it would be improper to conclude that the low doses completely shut down the test subjects, a mistake I made when first reading the study). Testosterone is a male androgen hormone which is also often known as a steroid hormone or an anabolic steroid. Some people are more prone to side effects than others, but with standard dosages most guys can tolerate testosterone well provided essential post cycle therapy is also carried out. Testosterone steroids are synthetic derivatives of the hormone with slight modifications to the original chemical composition of testosterone. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. I'll def wait till I get bloods before taking any AI. But then again I have elite genetics.lol. In basic terms, an ester is a synthetic derivative of testosterone. You can probably go a little higher on estrogen while blasting, but I wouldn't go 5x normal estrogen simply because your test levels are 5x higher, for the sake of maintaining a ratio. Quick video going over my results from taking 500mg of Testosterone Cypionate for 14 weeks. That's what I meant about keeping the box it came in. More Plates More Dates 1.72M subscribers Subscribe 13K Share 597K views 1 year ago. Look closer, from week 1-12 the guy has proposed that he will be using 0.5 mg per day of Arimidex. Week 16-18: Clomid 50 mg per day". Higher doses (greater than 100mg) of isolated pure DIM can saturate tissues and block androgen (e.g. . Most people run 500mgs of test e or c for their first cycle but 300 mgs a week is probably fine. For those who've used testosterone cypionate in the past, the dosage can be increased to 600 or 700 mg; again, this is for a 12-week cycle. Here is my Big Dilemma.I hve naturally low test and I am going to bee on a 200mg EW shot of TRT (on 100mg a week now) So if i bump it up to 500, all this realistically does is give me a cycle of 300mg per week! I'm starting my 3rd week and have not taken any AI yet, although I've got arimidex waiting. Testosterone Enanthate only requires two injections administered every week, spaced evenly apart from one another to ensure stable blood levels. Only did for 10 weeks. Planning to get bloods after 4 more weeks, but just wondering if anyone else has any other thoughts? The other 200 are just getting me back to a normal level. So where did it all start for test cypionate? Yes sir, that's how my stash got it's beginnings. Use hcg every other day one cc and clomid in the morning and novadex in the afternoon. Thanks for the advice man, I might get bloods sooner. Been on test since i was 17, been on 500 test and 500 deca for 20 weeks when I was 18, and now have been cruising for 12 weeks. Test E has an ester chain, or chemical composition, made up of 7-carbons whileTest C has 8-carbons. Are you growing DD tits yet? These examples and several others are more an issue of individual response to a supplement (especially if its being abused), than effectiveness. It's ridiculous that pharmacies can't stay stocked with maintenance meds. Regardless of that number, if youre not having side effects, no reason to introduce AI that most think is worse on the body overtime than AAS. Here are the salient results from my labs taken 1/20/15 after 1 year on TRT with a weekly protocol (split Mon/Fri) of 200 mg. test cypionate, 1000 iu HCG, 1 mg. arimidex, plus 1-2 pumps per day of Androgel (the last five months), and the occasional week of 300 mg. test cyp (when I've got surplus from under-injecting at the end of a 10 week . Just dont blindly start adding stuff in, If I didnt run an AI for 6 weeks on 500mg Id have tits. I've already talked about the 1 vial steroid cycle enough in the past, let's get into the beginner 500 mg/wk test cycle. (PCT) Week 15-17 100mg/day Clomid for the first 10 days, then 50mg/day Clomid for another 10 days (20 days in total). Test Cycle for 12 weeks start . Curious about trying testosterone cyp to increase your t-levels and in turn your gains? ", http://forums.steroid.com/anabolic-s-database.html. Lets be smart . 0 Adventurous_Review78 1 yr. ago Its ingredients are scientifically formulated to mimic the effects of testosterone cypionate in a much more gentle, natural way. Click to expand. Some may prefer 250mg every five days but 500mg per week will be the most common. Then again, you could try a natural alternative. Now, to the average steroid user, that probably doesn't look like a bad cycle outline and they may even be asking themselves what exactly is wrong with this. Perhaps it is misinterpreted a bit by readers too. Our website and the domain name crazybulk.com is representative of products that may enhance blood levels of hormones in the body. Lol For example: 125mg / 250mg / 375mg / 500mg / 500mg / 375mg / 250mg / 125mg (each is per week). Each individual will react differently which is why what works for your best buddy might not necessarily be the right method for you to follow. Begin Clomid 2 full weeks after your last injection and take it at 100mg/day for days 1-10, then 50mg/day days 11-20. That's what I meant about keeping the box it came in. I thought it was good to keep a good ratio of E2 to Test. I believe that your E2 should be proportionate to your test levels. Basically run 700-750mg EW. Well, let me just tell you that the skepticism I had at first is completely gone after experiencing the effects of Testo-Max. This is important to know when it comes to planning your cycle and understanding the most effective timing of your injections so you experience the maximum benefits, while minimizing side effects as much as possible. As long as I am asymptomatic and bloods are clear I don't see a reason to discontinue. Test C is classified as an androgen; a term used for hormones that fuel male-focused traits such as a deep voice, body hair and of course, muscle mass. Any time your test goes up your estrogen is going to increase because a certain % of it will convert over. 500mg Test used to be the beginner cycle of choice for 95% or more of the steroid forum lurking online community worldwide. im going to do a 50mg a day with 500mg of test-e added in 2 weeks into my anadrol cycle as i cant afford all of it right this second, ill be running 4-6 weeks ana 8-12 weeks of test-e, my knowledge on . For example, Testosterone cypionate and enanthate have a detection time of three months. My drugs just got to CVS like 10 mins before I called rn. testosterone and dihydrotestosterone) receptors and inhibit the protein synthesis induced by the anabolic effects of androgens.. The truth always comes first and in this world of bodybuilding therere lies everywhere. FWIW, I would expect my total T on 500 mg/wk of Test E pinned M, W, F and measured on Friday before my shot to be around 3050 ng/dL. If you dont want to lower your dose, add some Primobolan to lower your e2. So not hard to believe he just ran 500mg of test especially with his health issues. Hi guys, I'd appreciate some feedback on my bloods if possible. Dont take anything until your bloods dictate you need..everyone aromatises differentlydepending on a lot factors bf %being one.high and low can feel the same in my op.. As ive had bothpersonnally id rather have highactually dont mind it a bit highi dont hardly ever even use emtbhbut ive ran bloods so many times i kind of know where im at when im running..and i usually run the same ammt of same compounds when onwith minor variations.. @500mg test a week I take 12.5 Aromisin a week. Attachments Spanning the entire 12 weeks is Testosterone Enanthate at 500mg weekly which is considered a very effective dose for any user level, and Deca-Durabolin at 400mg per week. Throughout the cycle (or at least on hand) its good to take an aromatase inhibitor (AI) like Arimidex at 0.5mg/eod or 12.5mg/day Aromasin. Keep in mind that 1ml=1CC when preparing your injections. So, if youre seriously looking for smooth and steady gains, give Crazy Bulk a run for a few months. . You experiening any issues? . You cant go wrong with Testosterone. 16 weeks of 500mg and then off. We tell ourselves stories in order to live. Which part is confusing. As I said, Anything over physiological leveks of test is sufficient for making unnatural gains. Dont have any experience with other compounds. You may also experience an increase in libido and changes in your cholesterol levels. IIRC, they were taking the test E shots once a week, and measuring in the trough. The standard testosterone cypionate dosage for beginners is 400 to 500 mg for a 12-week cycle. Testo-Max is absolutely INSANE in terms of delivering strength and mass gains that are FAST and DRY!! Testosterone is hugely powerful, but your gains will only be as good as your workout regime and your diet. Steroids and the required post cycle therapy drugs are by no means cheap, so unless youre totally committed to sticking to a highly disciplined and very intense workout program and a diet that supports your gains, then steroids will be of little benefit otherwise. It also focuses on lifestyle activities like exercise and nutrition for raising testosterone levels naturally or anything else related to testosterone the substance. Is your adex pharma grade? What do you need? you dont want to run cycles too long 12-16 weeks is about where you need to stay.. you are going to have myostatin take effect and gains are going to stall out not to mention your recovery time will be horrible if you run them too long.. you can go to the source section about your sites i dont want anything to do with that, If you mean 500mg of test in cycles, yes that could work. The half life of a testosterone ester is simply the measure of how long it takes for your body to eliminate half the dose. All new members please introduce your self here and welcome to the board: JavaScript is disabled. I suspect the Test E is highly underdosed. Test is a highly powerful steroid that acts in multiple ways to increase lean muscle mass by increasing protein synthesis, decreased body fat, boosted endurance and athletic performance, and improve recovery times; amongst other benefits. . Lets look in detail at what exactly testosterone cypionate is, how it differs from testosterone enanthate, how bodybuilders use it and what can be used as a natural alternative if you decide youd rather avoid using it. Bloodwork - 500Mg/week Test E + Oral Winstrol 70Mg/day DadStrength Aug 13, 2020 DadStrength New member Awards 0 Aug 13, 2020 #1 Blood work at 10 weeks in on Test E and 3 weeks into Winstrol for anyone who wants to see the effects on bloodwork. Its really important to play close attention to how youre responding to the effects of steroids after you start taking them. If Im bulking I like having my E2 about 60. Just worried about gyno but I guess I have raloxifene on hand so that shouldnt be an issue. Any help is appreciated. I run 12.5 eod on that dose, everyone is different. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. Read more or register here to join the discussion . Use all of our products in conjunction with a well balanced diet and an intense bodybuilding or exercise program. If I ran 500iu hcg twice a week Id probably need more AI, Oh i dont uaually run aibut yes i do when blasting and using hcg at 500iu twice pwgood point. Anabolen Testosteron enanthaat 500 mg per week yassin18 15 sep 2015 11 forum testosteron Bezoekers in dit topic Totaal: 1 (leden: 0, gasten: 1) Vorige 1 2 ment0s Competitive Bodybuilder +10 jaar member Lid geworden 31 jul 2011 Berichten 2.750 Karma 1.302 Lengte 1m86 Massa 100kg Vetpercentage 11% 15 sep 2015 #21 fiezefur zei: Lol het is geen tren. Increased cardio output and blood flow to the heart assist with athletic performance. Dont use caber as it down-regulates dopamine receptors and is awful to come off of. Click to reveal All rights reserved. Pretty much spot on for me as well. You are using an out of date browser. Abscess and other complications are injection sites are another risk factor in both the short and long term. Here is an example of advanced Testosterone Propionate cutting cycle containing Trenbolone and Clenbuterol. Test Levels When Taking 500mg of Test C per Week. Crazy Bulk is highly effective, affordable, and legal. During the cycle, add some Arimidex for estrogen blocking if you feel soreness around your nipples. Yes sir, that's how my stash got it's beginnings. A simple pyramid style cycle sees you starting low, increasing the dosage in the middle, then decreasing again. Everything was in the normal range pre-cycle. personally i would run test at 500mg for 12 weeks and make sure you have your pct sorted before you start anything. They probably won't check that closely. Goggle then and find out if other forums or other ppl have used those a sites. Copyright 2022 SteroidCycle.org. Vote. No,cycle on time, it's minimum cycle off time, Ps, there's no such thing as a cycle on a budget, Yes you absolutely can bro. And I am currently taking 0.5 Arimidex E3.5 days. Of course, if you also think youll be exposed to drug testing, its important to know the half life of what youve taken so you know how much remains in your body at any point in time. I'm taking .5 mg eod arimidex. Test shortage:icon_roll I don't even use this HG one mL stuff. Excerpt: Has anyone tried organon's deca durabolin at 200mg a week stacked with 500mg of test for say 9-10 weeks and got good results? That E2 looks off the charts. Testosterone has both androgenic (male traits) and anabolic effects on the body like building and repairing muscle. I asked him if he was on TRT and he told me he's been on 500mg of test per week for the past 45 years. What test level (ng/dl) on blood work should someone expect to have from taking 500mg of test cyp per week? For such cycles, incorporating just a TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) dosage of around 200-300 milligrams (mg) per week is ideal. Bloods on 500mg Test E a week. For those whove used testosterone cypionate in the past, the dosage can be increased to 600 or 700 mg; again, this is for a 12-week cycle. JavaScript is disabled. 12-week Testosterone / Deca / Dianabol Cycle For this advanced bulking cycle you'll need Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate, Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin, Arimidex and Clomid. Even if hes running 500 or 3000 it doesnt matter what he does as thats not you and every body is different he isnt exactly mass monster freak bodybuilder but he does have decent muscle bellies and is good for classic physique, I wonder if he was actually natural in those pics where he was younger, Just to put it in perspective,,,,,,,,I was 5-09 130 lbs as a sophomore.no steroids. This provides a slower release of testosterone so it is not all used up by the body very quickly. Brother lets be real and stop being kids again . What type of Test? Cypionate has an approximately 8 day half life, Enanthate and Propionate have a short elimination half life of about 4.5 days. FWIW, I would expect my total T on 500 mg/wk of Test E pinned M, W, F and measured on Friday before my shot to be around 3050 ng/dL. In the most extreme cases, failure of the kidney, liver or heart can occur resulting in death. You must log in or register to reply here. total time . Its often prescribed by doctors for men who cannot physicallyproduce enough testosterone, but in recent times, its become popular with bodybuilders who believe they may be suffering from low testosterone levels. Low testosterone hosts a variety of nasty symptoms including weight gain, loss of muscle mass, depression, erectile dysfunction, and gyno-based side effects such as man boobs none of which are very appealing to a guy hoping to get ripped. If any symptoms of gyno appear during the cycle use 0.5mg/eod Arimidex throughout the cycle. Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Keeping it simple for your first steroid cycle is ideal, and testosterone is the best way to do that. 2) 500mg/week for 12 weeks. A simple internet search will show just how often Test C is compared to Test E. But is there a significant difference between these two testosterone boosters? No one is making anyone say anything. Test E from my research doesnt kick in till the 5-6th week, that would only give me 4-5 weeks to grow off the test. Couch potato fat asses care what high school kids tweet and if they are indications they will pick their beloved college to play ball. The majority of anabolic steroids you hear about are one form or another of testosterone, and usually synthetic derivatives of testosterone. Cloudflare Ray ID: 7a28ce37f8292b7c Anadrol Cycle Weeks 1-8: 200 mg/week Deca Durabolin, 500mg/week testosterone Cypionate, continue on with Arimadex at 1/2 mg every other day. 750 is medium. Stats? It's a great compound. What was your experience? Here are the big benefits of using testosterone in a steroid cycle: Other additional benefits include better endurance, energy and stamina, higher libido, better bone mass thanks to increased red blood cell production. Must be the 2 21 hr shifts i worked this weekend! Thats why, a couple decades later, the FDA restricted the use of cypionate for only cases of hypogonadism and andropause (severely low levels of testosterone).